Week 11’s NFL All-Star team

By Rhys Knott

There were a few close games in Week 11. Eight games were decided by one score and two of those games were decided by a single point. But this is the time of the season where the cream rises to the top, so really only the Giants and Eagles caused upsets. And the way the Chiefs receivers have been dropping the ball all season meant their loss was only a minor upset. But who was actually good this week? Well, here are the Week 11 NFL All-Stars.

Week 11’s NFL All-Star Quarterback

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Brock Purdy is the Week 11 All-Star QB, technically C.J Stroud threw for more yards but he also threw three interceptions (plus he was last week’s All-Star, your boy’s gotta keep it fresh). He didn’t look as assured when Trent Williams was out, but Williams is back and so is the calm, collected version of Brock Purdy.  

If the 49ers secure home field advantage and a Bye in the playoffs it’s very difficult to see them missing out on a Super Bowl spot. They will have a difficult trip to Philadelphia to navigate in Week 13. And a game against the Ravens in Week 16 that could be an absolute barnburner. But it looks like a done deal to me.   

Week 11’s NFL All-Star Running Back

Jaylen Warren didn’t get many opportunities, but he did make the most of them, averaging 14.3 yards per carry. He carried the ball just 9 times against the Browns but those carries went for 129 yards and a touchdown. Warren also caught all 3 of his targets for an additional 16 yards. The Steelers only managed 249 total yards, Warren had 58% of them! The Browns do have one of the best defenses in the league, but it’s not really surprising Matt Canada was let go after that performance.  

Week 11’s Wide Receivers

Brandon Aiyuk, where there’s an All-Star QB there’s usually an All-Star receiver catching the passes. Aiyuk caught 5 of Purdy’s passes, which isn’t really that many. Three players caught more passes in that game, but none of them averaged 31.2 yards per catch! Aiyuk racked up 156 yards and a touchdown against the Buccaneers. His longest catch went for 76 yards!  

Tank Dell, the future’s bright, the future’s Texan. And so is the present to be fair. Dell was the Texans leading receiver against Arizona, by a lot. He racked up 149 yards, their next best receiver was Nico Collins with 65! Collins even saw more targets than Dell, with 11 compared to Dell’s 10. Dell hauled in 8 of his targets and took one for a touchdown. When Noah Brown is back healthy the Texans could absolutely shred defenses with a rookie, a guy who had never started more than 8 games before and a speedster who spent five years as a Cowboy all catching passes from the guy who was drafted behind Bryce Young. It’s a hell of a story.  

Tyreek Hill is an All-Star again, of course he is. He actually went to the changing rooms to have an injury looked at, but he came back and showed no sign of any issues. Hill ended the Dolphins game against the Raiders with 146 yards from 10 catches. And he caught a touchdown, because of course he did. It was Hill’s sixth 100+ yard game this season. He’s still on pace to break the 2,000 yard mark for the season as he promised before the season began.  

Week 11’s NFL All-Star Tight End

Ok, so your boy can’t keep it that fresh, it’s George Kittle again. But there wasn’t much competition from other tight ends. Kittle racked up 89 yards, the next tight end in the list, Logan Thomas only had 58! It was actually a quiet week by Kittle’s standards after his 149 yards in Week 8 and his 116 in Week 9! Kittle caught his obligatory touchdown too, his fifth of the season. He’s averaging 14.8 yards per touch in 2023, that’s the most since his 2018 campaign.

Week 11’s D/ST

It’s the Bills, even though most of their defense is injured, it’s still the Bills. Breece Hall did end the game with 73 yards, but the Jets ended the game with 155 in total! They also got through two different quarterbacks and the punter threw a pass. That’s what is known as a total disaster. The only positive for the Jets was they somehow managed to score points, but only 6 of them. Three Bills players scored as many points as the Jets did. And Tyler Bass scored 10 points with his kicks.  

Buffalo ended the game with 5 sacks, 2 picks by Rasul Douglas (if there’s an award for trade of the season the Bills should win it). Douglas also recovered a fumble, just to show off.   

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