Fun NextGen Stats from week 11

By Rhys Knott

There was some very bad football played in Week 11. But there were some shining stars providing the fun NexGen Stats too. 

NextGen Stats Fastest ball carries from Week 11

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Jayden Reed wins this week. Reed ran so fast that he’s injured now and might not play against the Lions on thanksgiving. He hit 21.52mph on a 32 yard touchdown run as the Packers beat the ever-disappointing Chargers. Reed’s speed is the 8th fastest recorded this season. 

Trey Palmer only ran for 6 yards, but he ran it quickly. The Buccaneer was clocked at 20.66mph on his wide receiver reverse. The most impressive part of the play was Baker Mayfield blocking Nick Bosa and living to tell the tale! 

Krys Barnes, the Cardinals’ inside linebacker leads the defensive charge this week. It’s always good to have some defensive representation in the fastest carries. Mainly because they don’t get the ball in their hands enough. The former Packer is making an impact in Arizona on a team who aren’t as awful as most people expected. Barnes clocked 20.64mph as he returned one of C.J Stroud’s interceptions for a touchdown. 

The Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco had the third fastest ball carry in Week 11. They tell you he’s a tough runner, what they won’t tell you is that he’s also rapid. He managed to reach 20.56mph on a 24-yard run. That was his longest run of the game, but even Pacheco couldn’t drag Kansas City to a win as they turned the ball over twice in the red zone. 

Derek Stingley Jr. The second year Texans cornerback is still q bit of a controversial draft pick in Houston. He never really showed his potential greatness last season as injuries hampered him. And this season he’s only started 4 games. If he can turn it around the Texans defense could be even harder to beat. 

NextGen Remarkable Rushes from Week 11

Jaylen Warren “not Najee Harris” as Matt Berry renamed him on Sunday “went off” as the kids say. His 74-yard run against the Browns was his longest of the season. It was also only expected to go for 6 yards! His 68 yards over expected matched David Montgomery’s from Week 10 as highest number over expected this season. 

Austin Ekeler has had a season, not a good season, but a season, nonetheless. His 5.2 yards per touch is the worst average of his career. But he had a turned nothing onto something against the Packers. He carried the ball 37 yards when he was expected to go just 2. His 35 yards over expected on that carry was 55% of his total rushing yards in Week 11. 

Chris Moore is a new one on me, Titans’ wide receiver Moore played more snaps than any other receiver as he was on the field for 28% of the snaps. He ended up leading the team in rush yards too with his 38-yard reverse (it was a good week for gadget plays). It was only supposed to go for 5 yards, so it went for 33 yards more than expected. 

Saquon Barkley also went for 33 yards more than expected on his 36-yard rush against a very poor Commanders’ defense. 

D’Andre Swift broke up what would have been a Saquon 4th and 5th spot. Swift only had explosive plays against the Chiefs and if he hadn’t been so effective in the screen game the Eagles defense would have gone 3 and out about 4 times. Swift’s longest carry of the game went for 35 yards when it was expected to go for just 6! 

Week 11's Fastest Sacks

Aidan Hutchinson continued his mission to make Trent Baalke’s draft board look as accurate as a copy of the Daily Mail. The Lion is not just a great pass rusher, he’s proving to be an excellent defender all over the field. His fastest sack of the week came in just 2.94 seconds. 

It’s a Cowboy at number 2, but not the one you’re thinking of. Sam Williams made Dallas’ quickest sack not Micah Parsons. Williams got to poor Bryce Young in just 2.98 seconds. It’s hard to know if the Panthers wasted a first overall pick when they can’t protect him. 

Rookie YaYa Diaby not only has one of the greatest names in the NFL he also the third fastest sack this week. The Buccaneers linebacker got to Brock Purdy twice in San Francisco. His fastest sack only took 3 seconds. 

In very unsurprising news Myles Garrett is on the list. He’s unstoppable. He leads the league in sacks after 11 weeks. He also got two in Week 11, his fastest was 3.04 seconds. 

Trent McDuffie is technically a cornerback, but he could have been playing as a defensive end on Monday night. He forced a fumble, got a QB hit and sacked Jalen Hurts twice! His fastest sack of the game came in just 3.1 seconds. 

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