Week 10’s NFL All-Star Team

By Rhys Knott

There’s some old faces and even some surprises in Week 10’s All-Star team.

Week 10’s All-Star QB

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Dak Prescott, he loves playing against the Giants. Overall, he has thrown 27 touchdowns against the G-Men and just one pick six in 14 games. In 2023 he has thrown for 547 yards without being sacked once by Big Blue. He also scored a rushing touchdown against them, that came this week. 

Prescott did throw an interception this week, but his 404 passing yards were 35 more than anyone else. And Justin Herbert was the only other quarterback to throw four touchdowns this week. But thinking about the Chargers is just too depressing. 

Week 10’s All-Star Running Back

Devin Singletary, the Texans love an exciting finish to a game, and they seem to be getting the hang of winning them. Singletary had a breakout game for his new team this week. He racked up 150 yards on the ground and another 11 receiving yards too. He averaged 5.2 yards per touch for a Texans offense who can always be relied on to make some highlight worthy pass plays. If Singletary can help Dameon Pierce out in the run game going forward, they are going to be a very difficult offense to stop. Singletary was the only back to carry the ball for more than 120 yards in Week 10. With Shaq Mason back from his injury Houston have plenty of experience to guide their young superstars. 

Week 10’s All-Star Wide Receivers

Speaking of experience Keenan Allen showed all of his as he hauled in 11 catches and racked up 175 yards (and yet the Chargers still lost). 

Moving swiftly on, Brandin Cooks was one of two Cowboys’ receivers over 100 yards this week. CeeDee Lamb did CeeDee Lamb things as he amassed 151 yards and a touchdown, but that’s not good enough to make the All-Star team.  

Cooks caught nine passes for a massive 173 yards at an average of 19.2 yards per reception. Oh yeah, and he caught a touchdown pass too. 

Noah Brown spent the first five years of his career as a Cowboy, he recorded 980 receiving yards in Dallas. This season he’s already recorded 439 in his five games as a Texan! This week he racked up 172 of those yards on just seven catches! Ja’Marr Chase was the only receiver with a better average than Brown’s 24.6 yards per catch. And Chase’s average was only 0.2 yards better at 24.8 yards per catch. 

Week 10’s All-Star Tight End

George Kittle might have scored a touchdown and averaged 38.7 yards per catch, but it was against Jacksonville, so he’s not All-Star material this week (I’m sure he’s devastated). The Week 10 All-Star tight end is T.J Hockenson. He trains with Josh Dobbs in the offseason, and they treated this game like they were playing pitch and catch in the park. 

Hockenson ended the game with 11 catches for 134 yards and a touchdown. Shout out to Trey McBride of the Cardinals for making Kliff Kingsbury look like a real dope for only getting him the ball 29 times last season. McBride caught eight passes for 131 yards in Week 10.  

Week 10’s D/ST

It’s the 49ers, they’re back baby. Playing against the Jaguars offensive line is going to boost most teams’ confidence. But playing against that offensive line when you’ve got Bosa, Ferrell, Young, Hargrave and Armstead just aren’t fair. 



Rhys has been watching the NFL for 30 something years and still hasn’t managed to pick a team to support. When he’s not fixatED on pass rushers you can find him blithering on about most sports on Twitter @wrhys_writes