Fun NextGen Stats from Week 10

By Rhys Knott

The NFL saw some nail-biting finishes and some dramatic NextGen Stats in Week 10. Six games were decided by walk off field goals! As dramatic as that endings were the NextGen Stats were just as exciting.

NextGen Stats Fastest Carries from Week 10

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According to NextGen Stats Michael Gallup equaled De’Von Achane’s 10th fastest carry of the season against the Giants. Gallup clocked 21.50mph on his 41 yard touchdown reception as the Dallas offense tore the Giants to pieces. He only saw two targets, but he caught both of them. Gallup ended the game with 70 receiving yards and a touchdown. 

Ja’Marr Chase and Joe Burrow were both healthy enough to play and Chase made the most of it, even if the Bengals didn’t. The Bengals fell to the Texans as C.J Stroud continues to look like the real deal, but the Bengals offense did score three touchdowns. Chase racked up 124 receiving yards on five catches and a touchdown. He sprinted at 21.13mph on his 64 yard touchdown reception. 

Keaton Mitchell did it again. He only got three carries and one catch this week. But he made the most of them, he averaged 16.5 yards per touch! Mitchell is singlehandedly keeping the NextGen Stats folks in Baltimore busy. He also run a touchdown in and on that 38 yard scoring run he hit 20.93mph, not quite as fast as last week’s 20.99mph but still. 

The permanently underrated Kenneth Walker III is back in the top five again too. He also clocked 20.93mph as the Seahawks scrapped their way past the Commanders. Walker III recorded that speed on a 64 yard touchdown reception. That was his only catch of the game. 

Another top five appearance for the Saints sparkplug Rashid Shaheed at number five. Shaheed only caught five of his nine targets as the Saints offense had to cope with Derek Carr suffering an injury. But Shaheed clocked his fastest speed on a 26 yard kickoff return. He hit 20.88mph, that’s not as impressive as his 21.11mph that he recorded in Week 8, but it shows that he’s a consistent threat for a clunky offense.  

NextGen Stats Remarkable Rushes from Week 10

David Montgomery is loving life in Detroit, he racked up 116 yards rushing. His third 100+ yard game in his last four, Montgomery averaged 9.7 yards per touch in Week 10! On his most remarkable rush he went for 75 yards on a carry that was expected to go for just 7! His 68 yards over expected is 28 yards more than the second placed guy. 

The Bills and James Cook didn’t have the sort of game that the Lions did in Week 10 as they melted down at home against a very scrappy Broncos outfit. Cook fumbled the ball twice and mishandled an exchange with Jish Allen but it wasn’t all bad for the youngster. He did manage to turn an expected 2 yard rush into a 40 yard gain! He also fumbled on that run, but the ball bounced straight back into his paws! 

A.J Dillon another experienced head makes it to second place in Week 10’s top five. Dillon and the Packers didn’t have a great day out in Acrisure as they lost their sixth game in their last eight. But Dillon averaged 8.1 yards per touch, those touches included a 40 yard rush that was expected to go for just 5! 

Josh Jacobs is Antonio Pierce’s perfect football player, he’ll run and run and run. Even with defenders hanging off him Jacobs will keep his legs churning and get the team down the field. Just like he did on his own 40 yard run. It was expected to go for just 7 yards. 

Another top five and another Keaton Mitchell appearance. He might have been used sparingly by the Ravens but he turned a run that was expected to go 7 yards into 32 yards. 

NextGen Stats Fastest Sacks from Week 10

Not many defensive tackles make the fastest sack of the week, but not many tackles are working for DeMeco Ryans. Sheldon Rankins is part of DeMeco Ryans’ Texans revolution and it seems to be going pretty well. The Texans had 21 players either missing or recovering from injuries in Week 10 but that didn’t stop them. Rankins made three of the Texans four sacks against the Bengals! His fastest sack took him just 2.74 seconds. 

Proving that it’s not just the big guys up front who make the quick sacks inside linebacker Devin White made the second fastest sack of the week. The Buccaneers linebacker got to Titans’ rookie  Will Levis in just 2.81 seconds. 

It’s not just the Ravens offense who are giving their opponents what for in 2023. Odafe Oweh showed that the Baltimore defense can rush the passer too. He made one of the Ravens four sacks and he took 3.14 seconds to get to the Browns quarterback. It’s mind-blowing that the Ravens lost that game.  

Malcolm Koonce is another Raider doing it for Antonio Pierce. Koonce made his sack in 3.24 seconds as the Pierce’s guys swarmed the Jets. 

And there’s another Cowboy making a top five in Week 10 as Dante Fowler made the fifth quickest sack this week. The Giants didn’t give rookie Tommy DeVito much help in Arlington. He was sacked five times by the Cowboys, Fowler made the fastest sack of the game, taking just 3.26 seconds to get to the poos rookie. 

Bonus Stats - Longest Plays

Ihmir Smith-Marsette ran 106 yards for a 76 yards punt return TD. But Kyler’s back and you know what that means? Video game runs, he ran 68.9 yards for rush that would eventually go for 13 yards! 

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