Fun NextGen Stats from Week 3

By Rhys Knott

Funeral for a Friend released the song “The art of American Football” in 2003, 20 years later Mike McDaniel is putting those words into action.

Five of the fastest carries in 2023 have been made by his Miami Dolphins players. Two by Devon Achane (more on him later) and one by Raheem Mostert in Week 3 join Tyreek Hill in this season’s top five. Jalen Waddle appears at 12th on the list too, so 6 of the fastest 12 carries are by Dolphins. And we’re only 3 weeks in! 

NextGen Fastest Carries From Week 3

Devon Achane is second and first in the Week 3 list!

What a showoff.

The rookie out of Texas A&M is neither Agricultural or Mechanical, having said that he is a bit of a machine. He clocked a season leading 21.93 mph on his 67 yard touchdown run and 21.5 mph on a three yard rush. 

Rasheen Shaheed from the Saints hit 21.42 mph on his 76 yard punt return touchdown in Lambeau. 

Jerry Jeudy, in what was a rare highlight on a grim afternoon for Sean Payton’s Broncos, reached 20.95 mph. Jeudy’s top speed came on a 46 yards reception in the sweltering heat of Miami. 

Dee Delaney, finally a defender. Delaney is the first defender on Week 3’s list. He’s also the only defensive player in the top 20 this season. Delaney, who only played 30% of the Buccaneers defensive snaps against the Eagles, reached 20.82 mph as he picked off a Jalen Hurts pass on his own 1 yard line. 

NextGen Unexpected Rushes From Week 3

You won’t be surprised to know that man Achane is top again. On his 67 yard rush against the Broncos Achane was only expected to gain 9 yards (they might have to adjust their algorithm for the Broncos defense going forward).  

Shock horror there’s another Dolphin at two, the actual shock is that it’s Christopher Brooks. Actual Dolphins fans weren’t aware of Christopher Brooks until Sunday, after he broke off a 52 yard run that was expected to go just 2 yards. 

In what amounts to a serious plot twist Rondale Moore is at three. Not only is Moore a receiver and not a running back, he’s also a Cardinal. And they’re not supposed to be winning this season, right? Moore carried the ball 35 yards more than expected on his 45-yard run against the Cowboys. 

Unbelievably there’s another non-running back from the offensive powerhouse that is Arizona in fourth. Quarterback Joshua Dobbs recorded 32 yards more than expected when he carried the ball 44 yards on the second play of the game.  

Kenneth Walker III might be one of the most underappreciated backs in the league. Last season he clocked 22.09 mph as he became the second fastest ball carrier in the league. This season he’s yet to really hit the jets, but he’s clocking up the yards. His 36 yard run against the Panthers went 31 yards further than was expected. 

Fastest Sacks From Week 3

Myles Garrett, there’s a reason they call him “Flash”. The Browns edge rusher clocked the fastest sack of the season when he got to Ryan Tannehill in just 2.27 seconds. 

Samson Ebukam, came in second in Week 3 at 2.37 seconds. Just one tenth slower when he got to Lamar Jackson as the Colts upset the Ravens. Ebukam’s sack was one of four the Colts recorded! 

Dax Hill, standing up for the defensive backs Hill (who clocked a 4.38 second 40 at the 2022 Combine) put Matt Stafford on the deck in just 2.56 seconds. Finally the Bengals are putting that speed to good use. 

Kenny Clark of the Packers is fourth, he got to Derek Carr in 2.74 seconds. Carr would eventually leave the game after being pressured on 42.9% of his dropbacks. 

Nick Bosa, well it wouldn’t be a list of rapid sacks without a Bosa brother, would it?  Smaller Bear put Danny Dimes on the floor in 2.77 seconds. 

Bonus time – Longest Plays from Week 3

Marvin Mimms – It wasn’t just Jeudy making the most of some generous Dolphins defending in Week 3. Mimms ran 126.3 yards for a 99 yard kickoff return TD 

Andrew Beck – a Fullback, ran 115.2 yards on a 85 kickoff return TD and that’s why it’s a bonus section. Love a big guy TD 

Rashid Shaheed – The Saints have got a keeper in Shaheed. He’s scored two of the Saints five touchdowns this season. This week he ran 104 yards for a 76 yard punt return TD 

Robbie Chosen – Those darn Dolphins again. Chosen only just escaped the practice squad but he went 94.6 yards for a 68 yards touchdown reception. 

Britain Covey – The Eagles returner also just got off the practice squad but it’s a good job he did. He ran 84.2 yards for a 52 punt return against the Buccaneers. 



Rhys has been watching the NFL for 30 something years and still hasn’t managed to pick a team to support. When he’s not fixatED on pass rushers you can find him blithering on about most sports on Twitter @wrhys_writes