2022 NFL DRAFT hub

The Annual Selection Meeting, better known as The NFL Draft, takes place at the end of April every year. But the process begins much earlier than that. From the Combine in February to All-Star games, Pro Days to team visits, the journey to the NFL begins the minute these draft hopefuls finish their college career. The Touchdown’s NFL Draft Hub is a one-stop shop of everything you need to know about all the 2022 draft prospects and their journey to Paradise, Nevada on the 28th April.


Dive into our comprehensive encyclopedia of all the potential draft picks in April. Led by Head of NFL Draft Content Simon Carroll, our team highlight attributes, shortcomings and likely range the prospects come off the board in April.

Simon Carroll chats to some of tomorrow’s stars in a wide range of NFL Draft prospect interviews. From their high school and college careers, adversity & success, to their potential as a professional football player – get a glimpse of the pre-draft process from the players’ perspective.

Want to know who your team might be targeting in the NFL Draft in April? Spearheaded by Rory-Joe Daniels, ‘Perfect Picks ‘ is a series of articles that takes each NFL team and identifies potential selections for their collection of picks.

It’s not just the top college football programs that supply talent to the NFL. There are countless prospects from the FCS that get selected and go on to have impressive professional careers. Rebecca Rennie focuses her keen scouting eye on some of the ‘under the radar’ talent from these conferences.

Mock drafts – it’s what being a draftnik is all about right?! Take a look at a collection of our individual mock drafts, as well as some intriguing group mocks that throw up some interesting scenarios that could play out in Las Vegas.

Scouting is a game of opinion. And just as one NFL team may prioritise different traits to another, we at The Touchdown all have our individual thoughts on the prospects in this draft class. Find our individual big boards here.

A selection of Touchdown writers and analysts will be podcasting every week, discussing all the prospects and hot topics as we approach the NFL Draft. Hosted by our podcast supremo Paul Mainwaring, tune in to hear the team’s thoughts! 

George Somerville brings you some classic tales of humour, scandal and incompetence as he looks back through the annuls of the NFL Draft.

Chase Petersen takes two draft prospects at each position that are candidates to outperform their draft range, comparing their skillsets: