Who are some players to sell in dynasty leagues entering 2020?

Dynasty is a whole different beast than a typical keeper or redraft fantasy football league. Rosters turn over minimal spots per year, trading players is a must and in 2 QB or superflex leagues the most important position in football translates to your fantasy team! It is imperative to trade players and maximize value. You can sell yourself short in dynasty leagues by dishing a player too soon and get next to nothing by trading a player past his prime. 

There is a delicate balance and a very thin line when deciding when and to whom to make a deal with. When the hype machine is running on all cylinders the thought may be to sell, sell, sell! I get that. If you buy into that theory then perhaps you sold low on Chris Godwin last season, or made out like a bandit by trading Curtis Samuel. There is no sure fire method but doing your homework helps. Here are players I would do my best to trade if they were on my roster.

Le'Veon Bell, RB, New York Jets

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Image Credit: New York Jets

Remember when Bell was beasting in Pittsburgh? Yeah, me neither. That seems like centuries ago. While volume matters, it didn’t matter very much for him last season. Watching him run was depressing. I’m not sure if it was him or David Johnson that looked more sluggish. It doesn’t help when Adam Gase is your coach and he professes that his new high priced free agent running back is not “his” guy. Being in the Gase dog house can translate into talent being wasted, just ask Kenyan Drake. 

While most top running backs decline at the age of 30, Bell may be right there at 28. The talk of him losing weight and of his new role in a more upbeat offense could hopefully be the catalyst to someone actually wanting Bell on their roster. Fantasy GMs can go from staying away from a player to desiring the same player on their team courtesy of a hype article or a sell job by the current owner. Bell may have a few years left in the tank according to some, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s a statement I am not buying. 

Possible trade options: 

WR DJ Chark 

WR Terry McLaurin

RB David Montgomery (Especially if you can get a bargain with his recent injury)

Leonard Fournette, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars

I am not convinced that there is a more hated volume runner than this man. He has a reputation for having a questionable work ethic and for being a hot head, one he may have very well earned. 2018 was a year to forget for Fournette. He missed half of the season and underwhelmed in all but three games. He rebounded in 2019, averaging a hair over 17 points per game. 

After his solid season, the Jags did their best to trade him, making it very clear that he was not wanted by the franchise. According to the media not one team made an offer. The man has dealt with plenty of injuries and shenanigans (see sideline punch, yelling at a fan, etc). I am not convinced he will last the season as the starter. It is a contract year for him though, which is a selling point. Some reports also say he is looking sharp in camp. Take those reports and get something for him while you can!

Possible trade options: 

RB D.Swift

QB Baker Mayfield (superflex)

WR Keenan Allen

Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta Falcons

Some players are money and Julio Jones has been just that. Sure, he doesn’t catch a lot of touchdowns but in his case that does little for his fantasy stock and total points scored. There are two big reasons I advise owners to sell immediately.

First, he is 31 years old. That is when many players have already started a major decline. Jones finished with an absurd 325 points in 2018 and had 274 in 2019. That is a big difference. The second reason is Calvin Ridley, his teammate. The young man is very talented and I believe warrants a lot more targets, which he did get following the departure of Sanu towards the end of last season. Jones probably led you to a belt at some point but it’s time to say goodbye while the sale still has plenty of value.

Possible trade options: 

RB J. Taylor 

QB R. Wilson

WR Smith-Schuster

Philip Rivers, QB, Indianapolis Colts & Tom Brady, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In superflex leagues QBs carry a ton of value and that is why trading these veteran players is still even possible. A contending team may be weak at the position and a rental such as Rivers or Brady can be seen as their way to a title. Both men will wear new uniforms this season, which adds a sense of mystery and intrigue. Use this as a sales point! Both men went to offenses that have lots of talent with the Colts (Rivers) and Buccaneers (Brady). Get something while you can!

Possible trade options: 

2021 2nd Round Pick 

RB Raheem Mostert

WR Sterling Shepard

Do yourself a favor and do NOT let nostalgia or past seasons be the reason you hold on to a dynasty player whose time has come. Get out while the getting is good!


Fantasy Football Analyst