NFL Week 7: Over & Under Reactions

By Steve Moyse

Week 7 might have been one of the most unpredictable weeks so far this season…and that’s saying something.

The Patriots beat the Bills, the Vikings upset the 49ers, the Bears took down the Raiders with a UDFA at QB and the Ravens sent the Lions back to 2021.

Sounds like the perfect week to look into what we’re overreacting to and that which we aren’t talking about enough.

Overreaction: Derek Carr Can't Get The Job Done

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At 3-4, the Saints haven’t exactly got off to the start that they were hoping for in 2023. To then make matters worse, 3 of their 4 loses have been by only 7 points or less.

This has caused a number of fans to call into question Derek Carr’s ability to close out tight games and win on the biggest stages.

While I can completing see where fans are coming from, given that in 9 seasons with the Raiders he was only able to get them to the playoffs twice, even the history books would agree that this is an overreaction.

One of the main things that constitutes ‘getting the job done’ is an ability to go above and beyond with the game on the line in the 4th quarter. In just 9 and a half seasons, Derek Carr has led his team on more game winning drives than Hall of Famers, Joe Montana and Warren Moon – both of whom played for 15+ years.

Does this excuse Carr’s recent performances? No. But it does highlight that the Saints close loses aren’t solely due to limited talent at the QB spot.

Overreaction: The Bears' Problem Is Justin Fields

Fans and experts everywhere have spent a good chunk of 2023 debating what exactly the main problem is for the Chicago Bears this season.

After UDFA QB Tyler Bagent completed 74% of his throws for 162 total yards and a touchdown while leading the Bears to a 30-12 victory in his first career start, many have now dialled in on Justin Fields being said main problem.

Now I love it when a UDFA pops off in game 1 just as much as the next fan. But, just a few weeks ago Justin Fields was let off the hook when he put up 339 total yards for 4 touchdowns in the Bears’ 40-20 Win, and now he’s the problem again?

It may be a slow process, but with a pair of first round picks next year and things starting to click in 2023, the future is bright for Chicago. That said, Justin Fields is not responsible for the Bears’ problems just as Tyler Bagent is not the Bears’ saviour…Or not yet anyway.

Overreaction: Jahmyr Gibbs Should Take The RB1 Spot In Detroit

Jahmyr Gibbs is everything Lions’ fans had hoped for and more when they drafted him 12th overall in this year’s draft. He’s elusive, quick and has excellent hands out of the backfield. In fact, Gibbs was arguably the Lions’ only bright spark in their 38-6 loss to the Ravens on Sunday.

Understandably, a performance like this from a rookie has prompted fans to call for Gibbs to permanently take over the RB1 spot.

While this is an overreaction, it’s not because Gibbs doesn’t deserve to be RB1. It’s simply because David Montgomery doesn’t deserve to have the RB1 spot taken off of him.

In the 4 games that Montgomery played in full, he racked up 371 rushing yards for 6 touchdowns – that’s just under 100 yards, and over a touchdown, per game.

If Montgomery’s injuries persist as the season goes on, we can expect to see Gibbs’ snap count continue to increase. But if he can remain healthy, Montgomery has earnt his role as RB1 in 2023.

Under-reaction: The Vikings' Offense

It’s very rare that people under-react to an upset in the NFL. However, following the Vikings 22-17 W over the 49ers, not enough people are talking about just how good this Vikings’ Offense looked.

After San Francisco lost their first game of the season last week against the Browns, the 49ers were the talk of the league. Now, having taken their second loss in as many weeks, fans and experts across the globe are doubling down on their takes from Week 6.

While the discussions regarding the 49ers struggles are apt and necessary, we definitely need to be talking more about the Justin Jefferson-less Vikings.

Against one of the most dominant Defenses in the NFL, the Vikings put up an insane 452 total yards with Kirk Cousins accounting for 378 of those. Add to that a breakout performance from Jordan Addison who brought in 7 of 10 targets for 123 yards and 2 TD’s, and it’s clear that these guys aren’t getting the love that they deserve right now.

Under-reaction: Kenny Moore

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Even with a questionable Defensive Pass Interference call late in the 4th quarter, the Colts vs Browns was without a doubt one of the most entertaining games of Week 7.

Normally, when both teams put up just shy of 40 points in a single game, it’s safe to assume that those on the Defensive side of the ball have very little to be proud of. This week however, that definitely isn’t the case for Colts CB Kenny Moore II.

While the 1x Pro Bowler has been absolutely dominant in the Nickel all season long, leading all Defensive Backs with 7 Tackles for Loss, his performance on Sunday showed why he deserves a lot more love in 2023.

With 10 Tackles, 3 TFLs, 1.5 sacks and 2 QB hits, Moore II was a complete nightmare for both Deshaun Watson and PJ Walker.

Injuries to the rest of the CB room had prompted speculation that Indianapolis would move Moore II outside. However, DC Gus Bradley quickly shut down those rumours highlighting Moore’s Pro Bowl level play when covering the slot – play that he definitely hasn’t got enough credit for, from those who aren’t either in, or a fan of, the Colts organisation.

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