The Touchdown Three: Week Fifteen

Wow my picks have been bad recently. When a team you picked lose 45-10 you know that your feel for NFL games has deserted you. It would be very easy to get down on myself based on the situation, but I am a positive person and I believe I can turn it around. The Week 15 NFL picks are going to bring a good week, I can feel it. If it isn’t the editors here may ask me to leave……

Week 14: 1-2

Overall Record: 20-20-2

Bucs -3.5 @ Lions

With the exception of the Ravens, is there a more exciting team to watch than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Ok, so the Bucs fans may not agree with me all the time, but for a neutral you are getting points and exciting plays. For them to be successful consistently things have to change, but at this time of year watching a fun team can be nice.

I think the Lions may be the opposite of fun. With Stafford out they have struggled tremendously, and last week they were dire against the Vikings. The Lions fired Caldwell after multiple winning seasons and have got worse, heads have to roll in Detroit starting with the coach.

Unless Jameis throws 3 or 4 pick-6’s I am not sure the Lions can score enough points to keep up here, take the Bucs.

Rams -1.5 @ Cowboys

Don’t look now but here come the LA Rams. They may not have timed this playoff push correctly, they maybe in the toughest division in the NFL, but I know that right now no one wants to play them. The Rams have disappointed this season, but with Gurley back playing to his high standards I am not sure they lose another game this season.

As a Washington fan I dislike the Cowboys, but even I am frustrated by what is going on there. I know that their talent can be overhyped but this team should be walking the NFC East, and right now they are struggling. This has to be the final year for Garrett, as they are wasting the primes of multiple players. Garrett has proven time and again he is not the man to take them far in the playoffs.

Maybe we also see Wade Phillips revenge game!! I think the Rams crush the Cowboys here, and Joe and Troy will be very unhappy on the Fox broadcast. Rams by a lot.

Bills +2 @ Steelers

After a terrible start in the game last week I think the Bills showed they can compete with the best teams in the AFC. Ok, they didn’t beat the Ravens but they contained them and even managed to throw a few punches themselves. They probably need one more win to make the playoffs, and based on that I think they will be ok. Throw in how well the defense has played and I am not sure anyone will want to face them.

I think the best way to describe the Steelers this season is smoke and mirrors. Lots of injuries on offense but given the strength of the defense and the ability to make just enough plays the Steelers are right in the Wild Card hunt. I have questioned Mike Tomlin in the past, but he has done a masterful job this season to not only keep the team together but have them winning games. Can they make the playoffs? I am not betting against them.

This is a matchup of two very evenly matched teams. Based on this I am going to take the QB who will make the most plays, and that is Josh Allen for me. Take the Bills to win a very close game.

Start Sit Week 2

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