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Waxing Lyrical with Mainz and Dutts has been around for many years now, discussing the news of the day in the NFL, with a specific focus on the fantasy aspects and the impact of those news items.

In this week’s episode, the boys discuss draft strategies, looking at standard leagues– before they continue their divisional previews, this week with the NFC South:


Dynasty Draft Strategies

As part of the season preview Mainz and Dutts will be reviewing draft strategies for a number of Fantasy formats; this week it is the Standard format.

They look at things like:

Why Mainz believes PPR should be abolished and what he would bring in instead. 

What is the Value of an Elite RB?

Will Superflex be the standard very soon?

NFC South Preview

Week 5 Thursday picks
AP Photo/Jason Behnken

The divisional preview is a staple for WLMD. The format this year is as follows:

Mainz’ Big Question

Dutts Fantasy Darling

More Likely to be discussed

  • By Draftniks
  • In Week 18
  • In Super Bowl
  • Not at all

The NFC South is dominated by one team – and possibly one man – but the question is can the others catch the Bucs. The boys ponder whether the Falcons are in rebuild or reload mode, whether Darnold can be fixed, and if it is over for the Saints. Listen in to find out!

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Paul is most famous (infamous?) as Mainz one half of Waxing Lyrical. alongside his Partner in Crime Neil ‘Dutts’ Dutton.

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