Fun NextGen Stats From Week 8

By Rhys Knott

In Week 8 NextGen Stats throws up some newbies and some old favorites. We can’t have a week without a Miami Dolphin making a fastest carry, can we?

NextGen Fastest Carries from Week 8

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Kenneth Walker III was in the NextGen Stats’ top three fastest carries in the 2022 season. And yet he still seems to be one of the most underrated players in the league. Sure, weird fantasy nerds will tell you he always scores more points than he’s expected to, but nobody is putting him in their top 5 running backs. Maybe that needs to change? Walker hit 21.56 mph on a 45-yard rush against the much-vaunted Browns defense. That’s the sixth fastest carry of the season and the fastest carry by someone who doesn’t play for the Dolphins! 

Rashid Shaheed, it’s difficult to explain just how amazing Shaheed’s Week 8 was. He racked up 153 yards and caught a touchdown pass. Yes, that’s impressive, but when you realise he only caught three passes in the game against the Colts it’s absolutely mind blowing! Shaheed saw three targets and he caught them all, he averaged 51.0 yards per catch! He also returned four punts for a total of 46 yards. On a 51 yards touchdown catch Shaheed was recorded travelling at 21.11 mph.  

Finally, a quarterback hit a top five speed, Desmond Ridder hit 20.74 mph against the Titans, it didn’t help the Falcons win but it’s something. 

The Dallas Cowboys’ favorite gadget player Kavontae Turpin is back healthy. And he’s back travelling at the speed of sound. On a punt return that technically went for 0 yards Turpin hit 20.72 mph. How did he travel that fast without actually moving, you ask? Well, Turpin actually returned that punt for a touchdown, but the Cowboys went full Cowboy and conceded a penalty that negated the return. 

He’s back, Tyreek Hill that is. You didn’t really think we’d have a whole top five without a Dolphin in, did you? Hill didn’t actually lead the Dolphins in receiving yards this week, but he did end up with 112 yards and a touchdown. Jaylen Waddle has 121 yards and a touchdown of his own. Hill clocked 20.7 mph on his 42-yard touchdown reception. 

NextGen Remarkable Rushes from Week 8

The Colts might have got battered by the Saints at the weekend, but Zack Moss continued his “just give me the damn ball” season. Moss averaged 6 yards per carry against the Saints and one of his carries went 40 yards further than expected. It was expected to go for just one yard but ended up going for 41 instead. 

Jonathan Taylor is second, seriously, how did the Colts lose this game with those two studs toting the rock? Taylor’s best carry went for 36 yards more than expected. He carried for 42 yards when he was expected to carry it just 6! 

Kenneth Walker III, he’s back again. His 45-yard carry was only expected to go 13 yards.  

Jahmyr Gibbs had a game and what a game! He ended with 152 yards on the ground and another 37 yards through the air. On his longest run of the day, of 27 yards Gibbs was expected to carry the ball four yards, that was 23 yards further than expected.  

Brian Robinson averaged 5.9 yards per carry against the Eagles and despite only getting 10 carries he still managed to make the top five. His 29-yard carry was 22 yards further than expected. 

Fastest Sacks from Week 8


Jeffrey Simmons is very big. Very, very big. And very fast too. Just ask Desmond Ridder, the same Desmond Ridder who was on the fastest carries list. Simmons sacked him in 2.54 seconds as the Titans ended the game with six sacks. Simmons had two himself. 

Haason Reddick, the Eagles defensive front hasn’t been as destructive as they were in 2022, but they might be hitting their straps. They hit Sam Howell six times on Sunday (although he dropped back 52 times) but Reddick was the only one to get a sack. It took him just 2.87 seconds to get to the QB. 

Jordyn Brooks is a new one on this list. Not many Seahawks defenders have been making much noise this season, they’re more of a good unit than a bunch of superstars. But Leonard Williams is on his way to tip the balance a bit.  

A first round pick back in 2020, linebacker Brooks now has 3.5 sacks this season. This week he took just 2.94 seconds to get to the QB. 

Joey Bosa, remember him? Nick’s brother? That’s the one. Joey hadn’t recorded a sack in October, but playing the Bears usually helps with that. Bosa only took 3.05 seconds to get Tyson Bagent on the deck. 

Another linebacker rounds out the top five, Alex Anzalone recorded two of the Lions’ six sacks. His fastest one took him 3.09 seconds. 



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