Fun NextGen Stats from Week 17

By Rhys Knott

Week 17 provided a shock road win, an absolute thrashing and a lot of backup QB’s. But more importantly it provided some fun NextGen stats for your perusal.

Week 17’s NextGen Fastest Carries

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It’s always fun to start the top 5 with a defensive player. And this top 5 starts with a defensive back. Sydney Brown, the Eagles rookie is a fan favorite, but apparently not a coach favourite. Like his brother, Bengals running back Chase he can absolutely fly when he gets the ball.  

Brown hit 21.52 mph on his 99-yard interception return against the Cardinals. His twin brother clocked the second-fastest speed of the season back in Week 14 though. Chase’s 22.05 mph is 0.53 mph quicker though, so he retains the bragging rights for at least one more week.  

The Lions’ Jameson Williams is slowly adapting to the NFL, but his awful luck with injuries persists. Brown caught a 63-yard touchdown pass against the Cowboys and hit 21.48 mph while doing it. But he later left the game with an ankle injury. They’ll need him back if the Lions are going to challenge defenses in the playoffs.  

George Pickens is back, Mike Tomlin has a way of focusing his diva wide receivers that no other coach in the league can match. Two weeks out from Pickens’ failure to run block in a very poor Steelers’ offense he is now leading a rejuvenated Pittsburgh to back to victories. Against the Seahawks Pickens racked up 131 yards on 7 catches. One of those catches went for 34 yards and saw him hit 20,72 mph. That’s not as fast as the two 21.5 mph carries he managed last week, but it’s still the third carry of the week.  

Justice Hill is keeping up the AFC North’s presence in the top 5 this week, the Ravens running back did pretty much whatever he wanted against the lacklustre Dolphins’ defense. Hill accounted for 43% of the Ravens’ total yards as they went top of the league standings. He was clocked at 20.66 mph on a 78-yard kickoff return.  

In a week without a single Dolphins player in the top 5 (De’Von Achane was 6th though) a New England Patriot clocked the 5th fastest carry. Jalen Reagor clocked his top speed of 20.62 mph as he scored a 98-yard kickoff return TD. But the Patriots still fell to the Bills in western New York.  

Week 17’s NextGen Remarkable Rushes

Travis Etienne didn’t seem to mind Trever Lawrence wasn’t starting for the Jaguars this week. That’s probably because Cam Robinson was back in the offensive line. Etienne turned what should have been a 7-yard run into a 62-yard gain as the Panthers demolished the Panthers.  

The Dolphins’ rookie sensation De’Von Achane was second in the top 5 this week. Achane broke off a 45-yard run that should have gone just 11 yards.  

Justice Hill had a day out against the Dolphins though. On top of his monstrous kick return, he turned a 7-yard run into a 41-yard gain.  

Isiah Pacheco is key to the Chiefs’ offense this season (mainly because none of their receivers can catch). He racked up 165 yards from scrimmage as KC squeaked past the Bengals. He picked up 130 yards on the ground! One of his carries was expected to go just 4 yards, but that didn’t stop Pacheco from taking it for 37 yards.  

Khalil Herbert the Bears run game has been good this season. But it’s impossible to predict who will do the heavy lifting from week to week. This week Herbert racked up 124 yards on the ground. He took one carry 32 yards over expected. His 35-yard run was expected to go just 3 yards!  

Week 17’s NextGen Fastest Sacks

The Giants proved that Wink Martindale’s defense does still work, or at least it does against a Rams iffy offensive line. Isaiah Simmons wrestled Matt Stafford to the ground in just 2.61 seconds for the first of the Giants’ swift sacks.  

The Packers had the Vikings on toast as Jaren Hall looked completely unprepared for the NFL. Preston Smith took advantage of a shambolic Vikings offense to deck the Quarterback in just 2.94 seconds.  

Jihad Ward made the Giants’ second swift sack of the week as Matt Stafford hit the turf 4 times in all. Ward’s 4th sack of the season took him 2.97 seconds.  

It’s been an injury-filled season for the Bengals, but Trey Hendrickson is ending it strong. He’s recorded at least 0.5 sacks in his last 8 games! This week he took 3.07 seconds to sack Patrick Mahomes.  

Derek Barnett is one of the Texans veterans. And the Tennessee native loved playing the Titans. He recorded 4 QB Hits in total and ended the game with 1.5 sacks. His fastest sack took 3.23 seconds.  

Week 17’s Bonus Stats – Longest Plays

There is a new longest play of the season. And it’s by New York Giants receiver and punt returner Gunner Olszewski. He returned a punt for 94 yards and a touchdown. But he actually ran 129.6 yards to get to the endzone!   

Sydney Brown also hit this season’s top 5 with his 99-yard interception return. He actually ran 126.7 yards to find his way to the endzone!  

And Dee Alford’s Week 17 missed field goal return is also one of the top 5 longest plays of the season. He covered 96 yards, but he had to run 125.9 yards to gain those yards!  

Jalen Reagor’s 98-yard kick return is the 15th longest play of the season with the 108.3 yards he had to run. And CeeDee Lamb’s 92-yard touchdown reception against the Lions saw his run 107.2 yards on his way to the house. That’s the 17th-longest play of the season! What a week! 

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