Fun NextGen Stats from Week 14

By Rhys Knott

NextGen don”t just provide NFL commentators with fun graphics to talk about when the game get boring, they also record all the stats every week. And Week 14 brought us some upsets, a game with just 3 points and a Jets win. And Kadarius Toney finding a new way to lose a game. But more importantly than all that it brought us some fun NextGen stats. And one of them sets a new benchmark for the 2023 season.

NextGen Fastest Carries from Week 14

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New kid on the block Chase Brown almost broke the NextGen stats computer as he hit 22.05mph in Week 14. That’s the second fastest carry of the season. Brown recorded that on a 54-yard touchdown reception. 

Kavontae Turpin is a burner, but that Cowboys offense is so loaded they can’t fit him in very often. He hit 21.91mph on a 22-yard run. That’s the fifth fastest speed recorded in 2023. 

Jahmyr Gibbs seems to be getting better as the Lions stutter. Gibbs hit 20.90mph on a 36-yard rush in the Lions’ loss to the Bears. Gibbs only touched the ball 14 times as the Lions went down on the road. Some people may suggest the Lions would fared better if they’d given the ball to their explosive running back more often. 

Puka Nacua must be the find of the draft. Everyone knew he was talented, but only the Rams believed they could keep him healthy. And boy has that paid off. Nacua hit 20.43mph against the Ravens in some very inclement weather. Nacua averaged 15 yards per touch in the Rams overtime loss (let’s not talk about blocks in the back on punt returns). 

Michael Gallup, the Eagles banged up defense had no answer for the Cowboys on Sunday Night. Gallup clocked 20.31mph on a 39-yard reception. If Cowboys are looking for something to cling to as their team head toward an inevitable matchup with the 49ers in January, it’s their depth. The 49ers always seem to be one injury away from disaster. The Cowboys offense is so deep they could actually cope with losing two or three. 

Remarkable Rushes from Week 14

Speaking of the 49ers and injuries that would lead to a crisis, Christian McCaffrey went 69 yard over expected on the first play from scrimmage. That’s the most yards over expected of the season, and it’ll take some beating. McCaffrey ended the game with 145 yards from 16 carries. But Brock Purdy lit up the Seahawks defense for 368 yards! 

Miles Sanders hasn’t had an amazing season and neither have the Panthers, he went 42 yards over expected on a 48-yard rush. Leaving it a bit late their Miles. 

Saquon is back doing Saquon things and the Giants have won 3 on the bounce. Never mind Tommy DeVito’s agent looking like an extra in Casino it’s all about the running game fellas. Barkley went 34 yards on a run that should have gone for 2 yards! His 32 yards over expected pushed Jerome Ford out of the top 5. 

Jahmyr Gibbs is back. He just might be reaching the level expected of him when he was drafted. His 36-yard rush was 31 yards over the expected. Still lost though, didn’t you Lions? 

Wan’Dale Robinson helped Saquon out in the run game for the Giants. The Packers defense didn’t look like they should be challenging for the playoffs (but somehow, they are) as Robinson turned what should have been a 7-yard carry into one that went 35 yards. 

NextGen Fastest Sacks From Week 14

The Titans Jaleel Johnson got to Tua in just 1.7 seconds. The Dolphins offensive line has 3 replacements on it at one stage on Monday night. That included a center who had actually started the game as a guard. The false start penalties were abundant, and the pass protection was sparse. 

The Seahawks defense hasn’t been as good as it should have been this season. And Brock Purdy had them on toast this week. But Jarran Reed put his hand up to prove that some of the Seahawks were doing their level best. He sacked Brock Purdy in 2.5 seconds. 

Justin Simmons is the first defensive back on the Week 14 list. The Broncos free safety took just 2.77 seconds to make his sack against the disastrous Chargers. Justin Herbert’s finger surgery has saved him from any further trauma this season. Good luck Easton Stick! 

Talking of disastrous teams Antonio Brown (not that one) made a sack for the Jaguars that took just 2.8 seconds. 

Fifth place is a tie this week, back to the defensive linemen after all that defensive back rushing the passer nonsense. And Jonathan Greenard of the Texans recorded a sack on Zach Wilson in just 2.94 seconds. That didn’t stop young Zach from racking up 301 yards and 2 TD’s. Lock up your mothers, I guess. 

But those pesky defensive backs are never far away. P.J Locke, another free safety, also took just 2.94 seconds to get a Chargers QB on the deck. Those Broncos DB’s sure can rush the passer. 



Rhys has been watching the NFL for 30 something years and still hasn’t managed to pick a team to support. When he’s not fixatED on pass rushers you can find him blithering on about most sports on Twitter @wrhys_writes