Fun NextGen Stats from Week 12

By Rhys Knott

Week 12 brought us some nailbiters, some upsets and a whole load of fun NextGen Stats.

Week 12’s NextGen Fastest Carries

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Christian Watson seems determined to continue the “is he a bust?” conversation. He’s had a distinctly average career so far. He dropped the first pass Aaron Rodgers threw to him. And it was a dime that would have gone for a TD. He’s picked up niggly injuries, so he’s never demonstrated his consistency or reliability. But here he is with the fastest carry of the week. 

Watson reached 21.31mph on a 53-yard reception against the Lions as the Packers won on the road. 

Cowboys’ cornerback Daron Bland is second fastest this week. No Trevon Diggs? No problem says Mr. Bland. His record-breaking pick-6 saw him hit 21.29mph. Bland’s 5th interception return broke a record that was jointly held by Ken Houston, Jim Kearney and Eric Allen. 

Rams rookie cornerback Tre’Vius Tomlinson only strengthens the defensive players’ reputation this week. Tomlinson intercepted a Kyler Murray pass intended for Greg Dortch. He took it a total of 49 yards, back to the Cardinals 1-yard line. But, the interception was called back for an illegal contact penalty on Tomlinson. 

He still reached 20.80 mph though, even if the play was negated. 

Tyreek Hill, obviously. He’s only fourth this week, but his 22.01mph from back in Week 5 is still the fastest speed of the season so far. This week Hill reached 20.72mph on a 12-yard reception. 

Justin Fields prevents Jessie Bates from making it defensive domination in the top five. Fields reached 20.68mph on a 13-yard rush against the Vikings. Bates only clocked 20.66mph on his 92-yard interception that he returned for a touchdown. 

Week 12’s NextGen Remarkable Rushes

If statistical modelling is to be believed Josh Jacobs has got little more than 10 games left before his production falls off a cliff. If that’s correct, he’s certainly making the most of those games. His 63-yard rush in Week 12 was 58 yards over expected. That’s the 9th most remarkable rush of the season so far. 

Not only is Kyren Williams the oldest looking 23-year-old you have ever seen, he’s also back from injury and boy is he back. Williams went 51 yards over expected on his 56-yard rush against the Cardinals. 

It’s always fun to have a receiver on the rush list and here’s Zay Flowers. The Ravens rookie has had enough of being told how good fellow rookie Keaton Mitchell is at running the ball. Flowers’ 37-yard run against the Chargers went 31 yards further than expected. 

D’Andre Swift also went 31 yards further than expected. You can’t help but wonder how the Lions would be doing if they’d kept Swift and spent the Jahmyr Gibbs draft pick on Broderick Jones instead. Swift’s been absolutely stellar for the Eagles. He picked up his extra 31 yards on a 35-yard run against the Bills. 

Raheem Mostert joined the “31-yard club” as they’ll have to start calling themselves. The fun Dolphins are back and Mostert returns to the top 5. He notched up 31 yards over expected on a 31-yard carry against the cursed Jets. 

That’s not all, there’s another member of the “31-yard club”. Jordan Love made 31 yards over expected on a 37-yard run against the Lions. Although, anyone who saw the Lions defense in that game could have justifiably expected Love to go the length of the field. 

Week 12’s Fastest Sacks

The Dolphins’ defense doesn’t feature very often in these top 5’s but this week Emmanuel Ogbah had the fastest sack of the week. Playing the Jets usually helps out most defenses to be fair. But Ogbah’s 2.90 second sack was still the fastest of the week. 

But, only just, the Browns’ Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah reached Russell Wilson in 2.91 seconds, that’s almost a photo finish. 

Following swiftly behind Owusu-Koramoah was Denico Autry for the Titans. The Titans defense very much enjoyed playing against a Panthers team who have an interfering owner and, now, a very sacked head coach. Frank Reich can focus on counting the $36 million David Tepper just gave him. Autry sacked poor old Bryce Young in 2.94 seconds. 

Tashaun Gipson is the first defensive back in the top 5 this week. The 49ers free safety sacked Geno Smith in 3.04 seconds. The 49ers caught the Seahawks offense cold on Thanksgiving night, Seattle didn’t score their first touchdown until the second half. 

There are not many Colts defenders in these lists either, but Samson Ebukam wants you to know they are still around. Ebukam sacked Baker Mayfield in just 3.10 seconds as the Colts beat the Buccaneers. 



Rhys has been watching the NFL for 30 something years and still hasn’t managed to pick a team to support. When he’s not fixatED on pass rushers you can find him blithering on about most sports on Twitter @wrhys_writes