could we have a week without injuries? that would be nice.

By Martin Richardson

It’s now Thanksgiving and we’re fast approaching relevant fantasy football and the excitement of the playoffs. But, as has been the theme this season, we’ve had some injuries in key positions and some of you may need to make some moves in this shortened week. 

Cooper Kupp could miss some time again this season, Aaron Jones is considered week to week and of course there was the news that Joe Burrow is out for the season. 

Let’s dive in and see who could be worth looking at in week 12, as well as those you you have to bench, even if they’re a star name of bygone fantasy times…


Well, well, well, look who’s back. 

Kyler has settled into life back in the NFL unexpectedly well. He has been electric on offence and the Josh Dobbs trade seems long forgotten. He has three touchdowns since his return, two rushing and one receiving, and he is getting better every week. He’s managed to keep the ball in play with his ability to dodge and weave out of tricky situations and that’s only helped others on the Cardinals offence. I mentioned a few weeks ago that Trey McBride would be a worthwhile pick up down the stretch and this is why. Murray has pushed McBride into fantasy relevancy for some potential playoff pushes for some fantasy players. Randale Moore also had in improved game with a double figure points showing and his first receiving touchdown of the season. The Cardinals do have some interesting match ups ahead, with the Rams and the Steelers on the horizon before a late week 14 bye. With Murray back at the helm of this offence, as well as a returning James Connor at RB, those two games certainly look winnable for the Cardinals. Plus, with him available in just under 40% of leagues, he could be a cheeky waiver claim away from being a viable Joe Burrow replacement, without even having to put a trade together.


This one is a bit of an interesting one. He’s been far more productive than Najee Harris of late, going for big runs and getting over 200 yards rushing in his last two games combined. He has become far more reliable on offence than Harris and it’s finally beginning to show. As PFF point out, Warren is making defenders miss and this is proving to help him and fantasy players everywhere get big points on the board. However, and this is a pretty big ‘however’, is his spike in performance related to a man who was fighting for his job, but ultimately losing it in Matt Canada? Does this week mean a sudden change on offence for the Steelers if they get someone who they trust more calling the plays and leading the offensive plays? This is why it may be worth just watching Warren this week to see if there is even more usage of the elusive Steelers running back.

Devin singletary

When you have a plethora of talent on one side of the ball or in a certain position, you can be forgiven for not focusing on other positions. Tank Dell’s incredible rise and excellent production from both WR Nico Collins and TE Dalton Schultz have meant that potential MVP candidate CJ Stroud has been slinging the ball most weeks. Add to the mix that earlier in the season the run game was not as good as hoped with Dameon Pierce either and you had a bit of a one dimensional, albeit successful, offence.

But, seasoned pro Devin Singletary has become the lead back at the Texans of late, with games of 150 and 112 yards and two touchdowns, he’s very much back in the frame as a reliable running back streamer in the next few weeks. Available in over 30% of leagues on ESPN, make a move to get a solid and reliable running back on your roster, whether a bye week streamer or as a potential replacement for any injuries you’ve picked up.

My Mulligan of the week: THE la chargers

Justin Herbert

I was thinking about what video or link I put in the article for Herbert, and I didn’t want to have an obvious throw for big yardage or a missed chance to win in the 4th quarter, but I wanted the one here: a frustrated Herbert where it means so much to him to try and win. It was refreshing to see him show that emotion, where previously he he’s been quite reserved.

Herbert has been a truly consistent fantasy performer. Other than a weird game vs the Jets and a tough game against the Chiefs, he has seven out of ten games with over 20 points which is what you need in an elite fantasy QB. It’s because of this I’m not worried about the close losses for the Chargers because it’s clear that Herbert will wrack up the points for you week after week.

Austin Ekelar

The Packers game was weird. There were chances for the Chargers to win and once again they fell short. That is perhaps in part to the fact that Justin Herbert was the leading rusher for the team last week with 73 yards. That can show one of two things- play calling to not include Ekelar is just a bizarre decision, or Herbert and the OC do not have the faith in a recently injured Ekelar.

But given that after his injury he has nearly 200 yards receiving and 250+ rushing, hitting double figures in all bar one game, it seems strange to not involve him. Which is why he, and most Chargers (bar perhaps their HC who is wafer thin ice surely) get a mulligan going into the run in for playoff games.

Keep the faith with Ekelar, he’s earned enough credit to be a solid starter for the foreseeable future.

Keenan Allen

I feel as though Keenan Allen has been in the league for about 18 years and somehow is only just in his thirties now. Tipping over into 10,000 yards for the Chargers is massive achievement and can’t be ignored. He is just as consistent as Herbert and they have a great connection every week as shown with clip above. He is a top 5 WR this year and is getting both yards and touchdowns. Even though the Chargers are perhaps not making the playoffs this year, Allen is a huge bonus to anyone looking to make the playoffs this season. And if he is sat on a team who can’t make the playoffs, it may be worth knocking on the door of that fantasy GM and seeing what it costs to make a move…

FANTASY HEADACHE- How the mighty have fallen

Derrick henry

This is a bit of a shock to write, but you just cannot trust Derrick Henry in fantasy football anymore. He has four touchdowns all season, and has had too many games where he has less than 60 yards and no touchdowns. You just don’t know which version of Derrick Henry, and to some degree the Titans, will turn up. For some reason this season hasn’t been as explosive as he has in previous years. People did say that there would be a drop off in performance at some point, but coming off massive seasons it felt very unlikely. Some people are suggesting that it would be an option to bench Henry at this point in the season as his value is less than ideal for fantasy playoff pushes.

Deebo Samuel

Two bigger names in my concern column this week and I’ll finish with Deebo Samuel. Yes, he’s been injured which hasn’t helped him this season. But that seems to be Samuel very season. He takes at least one hit a game where it looks like he’s suffered a season ending injury. Other than one big game against the Giants, which anyone can have these days, he’s not been a solid option in fantasy lineups. He has been eclipsed by his fellow WR Brandon Aiyuk who has been phenomenal this season, with some big games scoring multiple touchdowns and getting big yardage on a consistent basis. Add to the mix that George Kittle seems to be on a bit of a resurgence after a slow start to season, it all adds up to a below par season and potential bench warming role for Samuel in fantasy football.



A Yorkshireman living in Lancashire, Martin is a massive NFL fan but his heart belongs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Also a huge Fantasy Football enthusiast and spends far too long crunching the numbers! Follow him at @MRBucsFan31