Who will Have the Worst Record in the NFL in 2020?

The worst record in the NFL always comes with an unofficial trophy of the first overall pick in the following years draft. However, with the trophy this year being one of the most complete prospects we have ever seen at the quarterback position, it takes on an extra level of intrigue this season. Who do our analysts see posting the worst record in the NFL in 2020?

Our Analyst's Picks

Alex Chinery (Head of Analytics): New York Giants

A rough, rough schedule packed with the best defensive line talent in the league coming up against an offensive line starting two rookie tackles has me very worried for Daniel Jones health and future in New York. I would not be at all surprised to see them picking number one overall in 2021.

2020 NFL Worst record
Image Credit: Washington Football Team

Ben Rolfe (Head of NFL Content): New York Jets 

Outside of how great Frank Gore looks, has their been a single positive report come out of Jets camp? No? Well then. This team lacks talent and has a head coach who has become a laughing stock of the league. Bye Adam Gase. Bye Sam Darnold. HELLO Trevor Lawrence!

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Callum Squires (NFL Analyst): Washington Football Team

They’ve made some huge organisational strides in recent months, despite the continuous barrage of bad PR and news stories breaking about their franchise. I like the Ron Rivera appointment, but he’s struggling with his own health issues (get well soon Coach). And generally, their roster just isn’t good enough. I can’t see Haskins making a huge jump. Looking at their schedule, I can’t see how they win more than three games at most. Keep an eye on the NY Jets also…

Michael Norbury (NFL Betting Analyst): Jacksonville Jaguars

Fell apart towards the end of last year and I’m yet to be sold on Minshew Mania, they’re in for a long season.

Paul Mainwaring (NFL Analyst): Jacksonville Jaguars

They have an awful coach and roster. Although the owners are more interested in Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes, they will remember to fire the Coach by Week 5

Simon Carroll (Head of NFL Draft Content): Washington Football Team

Three wins last year, followed by a catastrophe of an offseason – things are as bleak as they maybe ever have been at FedEx Field right now. Ron Rivera is without doubt the man to lead this franchise out of the doldrums, both on and off the field, but it’s going to be a long, arduous process.

Steve Moore (NFL Betting Analyst): Jacksonville Jaguars

The New York Jets, Washington Football Team, New York Giants and others may have worse rosters, but the Jaguars play the NFC & AFC North as well three vastly superior AFC South rivals.

Tom Scott (NFL and Fantasy Football Analyst): Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars will have the No. 1 pick in the 2021 Draft. It is hard to see where the wins are coming from this season.