We're Not In Cabo Any More: Trevor Lawrence Press Conference

By George Somerville

Rookie superstar quarterback Trevor Lawrence makes his first visit to the UK,a and George Somerville was there to hear what the wunderkind had to say about life in the NFL.

Trevor Lawrence was unsurprisingly the number one pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. And rightly so, as he was the standout quarterback during the entirety of his college career with the Clemson Tigers. So expectations from the NFL community were and remain high. But with the Jaguars having the slowest possible start to the 2021 season, the fickle NFL crowd have started to question if Lawrence can be the superstar QB to lead the Jags forward.

So let’s stop this crazy talk now. With Lawrence in the UK for the first time, now is as good a time as any to assess his progress and to hear from the young QB and what he thinks of the UK so far….

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Turnover King

Lawrence’s NFL career has got off to a difficult start, particularly turning the ball over. Seven interceptions in the first three games contributed significantly to the Jags being 0-3, a losing streak which has continued despite Lawrence taking better care of the ball. Trevor Lawrence was honest in his appraisal of the first few weeks and what he has to do better. Trevor had this to say,

“learning situational football, understanding the value of taking care of the ball, time of possession, staying on the filed – all of those things to help your defense out are huge.


I don’t think did a good job of that in the first few weeks and that was on me”.

Adjusting To The NFL

As we know from countless examples, the step up to the NFL from college is a huge one, with many casualties along the way. Lawrence was fully expected to make the step assuredly and gracefully, although there were a few things which surprised him. Lawrence told reporters during his first press conference on UK soil,

“the schedule is a little bit different as far as time put in – obviously from college, you have school, so that is different. 


(But) it’s been great. I’m surrounded by good people and that always makes everything easier. That’s what life is all about-being around good people.”

Evolution Of The Quarterback

Lawrence was at pains to emphasise that this is a learning curve and a growing period for the young quarterback. Instant success did not come to the likes of Peyton Manning or Drew Brees, and Lawrence was honest about the steep learning curve,

“just understanding that so much of this game is in the Quarterback’s hands”.

Said Lawrence, before continuing,

“If you play well and take care of the ball you’re gonna be in a position to win the game and you have seen that in the last two weeks. 


Last week got away from us a little at the end, but still going into that 4th quarter we were in a position to have a chance to win the game. But it didn’t work out. Same thing against the Bengals, the week before. and that’s just huge. 


Week in, week out eventually you’re going to win some of those games.


So just continuing to do that but also to make the plays when they’re there. I think I’m kind of settling in. I know that just the way I play, big plays are going to come but it’s about being consistent on 1st and 2nd down. It’s about not putting yourself in a hole, you know in the NFL 3rd and long is tough. If you’re consistently 3rd & 7 plus it makes life pretty tough.

So just continuing to stay ahead of the chains has been huge but it’s helped us a lot”.

Developing The Offense

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But the feeling within the Jacksonville camp is that progress is being made. A fact that Head Coach Meyer had also stressed, citing the improvements seen in the offense in the last two games, a statement Lawrence endorsed,

“We’re all getting comfortable…a lot of the guys on offense are new, we really haven’t played together much so at this time of year you see things starting to click more and more. In the last two weeks our offense has played our two best games.

We still can play better but you see the yards, the big plays, we’re scoring more points, more opportunities in the red zone. That’s just coming from us all just clicking and that’s where we are now”. 

Rebuilding Trust

It was inevitable that Lawrence would be asked about the situation with his head coach and how Meyer had set about regaining the trust of the locker room. Lawrence said this of the situation,

“I think he’s done a good job of handling the situation. Obviously he’s had conversations with the team and one on ones and all of us. Just him being the same guy coming to work. He’s a super hard worker, he really cares about this team – no one can deny that. 


We’re in a good spot. We all respect him – we’re just ready to go win some games.

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Life Back At Clemson

Inevitably someone (me) would ask about Clemson and specifically about the troubles his replacement at Quarterback, DJ Uiagalelei was having to the start of his college career. Lawrence has reached out and offered advice to the young QB, 

“I’ve talked to DJ a couple of times….just tell him to keep his head up.

It’s a long season and more than that it’s all about the big picture. It’s not all about a couple of football games. You’re going to figure it out and everything will start to clear up for you.”

“I told him just to hang in there – as long as you don’t quit (laughs), everything is going to be fine and he won’t – he’s a great person and player”.

Lawrence went on to talk about the relationship he has with Clemson head coach, Dabo Swinney – someone who Lawrence is very close to. Lawrence said this of his former Head Coach,

“I stay in touch with Coach Swinney, a lot. He’s one of my favourite people in the world. I always text him back and forth, probably once a week or get on the phone. He’s always really encouraging – I have learned so much about how to handle myself and really how to handle things in life from him so I’m always appreciative of him and his time. He’s been great”.

The Future

It might be only his first season in the NFL but Lawrence is clearly enjoying life in Jacksonville and his NFL experience.

“Regardless of what happens in these twelve games I plan on being in Jacksonville for a long time”.

Said Lawrence, who continued

“So it’s really a big picture thing. I’m just going to keep on getting better every week and I think this team will do the same.


It’s just a matter of time before everything starts clicking. I know I’m going to be the same person and we have a lot of great guys in the locker room, no matter what happens every week are going to come back to work. I don’t have any doubts”.

His competitive spirit also came up in conversation. Lawrence was all in on winning,

“when the lights come on, I’m ready to go”

Lawrence said somewhat modestly,

“that’s how I have always been wired – I love competition, Love to win. I think that’s something you can’t really teach, some people are winners and I think I am. I’m excited to start winning some games”.

Not Cabo

Interesting fact, his London trip is only the second time that Trevor Lawrence has been outside the US. The other trip? Cabo….

Well Trevor this sure ain’t Cabo. But I think this young man will be around the NFL for many years to come.

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