The Touchdown Three: Week 17

When a 2 point conversion costs you a winning week you know, deep down, that this season is destined to be stuck in mediocrity. Right now, as many wins as losses, which is tough to take after my start, but here we are one crazy week left. Given how crazy it will be, given how many players won’t play, given how many players won’t finish, it would be unfair to give you 3 games I feel comfortable about. So instead let’s go out with a flourish and pick ALL the games! Here are the NFL bets for Week 17.

Week 15: 1-2-0

Overall Record: 23-23-2

Week Seventeen

Jets @ Bills -1.5 – The Bills finish off a great regular season against the Jets and their Super-Rich Coach.

Browns @ Bengals +2.5 – This is Freddie Kitchens last game in charge of the Browns if the game goes as I expect.

Packers -13 @ Lions – I think we are going to live in a weird world where the Packers are the number 1 seed in the NFC, and I am not sure how I feel about it.

Chargers @ Chiefs -9 – I think this is the final Rivers game for the Chargers and I fear it will not go well.

Bears @ Vikings -1 – After dropping the ball against the Packers at home game a 1pm ETĀ  versus the Bears will be a nice comeback win.

Dolphins +16 @ Pats – Pats do enough to win, and get a bye but I can’t see them winning by over 2 scores.

Falcons + 1 @ BucsThe Winston Rollercoaster journey end here. He needs 2 more INTs for 30 and I think he gets it by halftime.

Saints -13 @ Panthers – Saints still have a bye to play for so they go 100% at the reeling Panthers.

Washington @ Cowboys -10.5 – Of course the Cowboys crush Washington to finish 8-8

Raiders +3 @ Broncos – This part of the 14 part scenario for the Raiders to make the Playoffs will work out, not sure about the rest.

Cardinals @ Rams OTB – Rams win, if it matters.

Eagles -4 @ Giants – I doubt it will be pretty, but the Eagles will do enough to make the playoffs.

Colts -4 @ Jags – Colts finish the season on a high, Jags start the rebuild

Steelers @ Ravens -2 – I don’t care if none of the starters are playing, the Ravens 2nd team offense is better than the Steelers starters.

Titans -3.5 @ Texans – Other teams will be disappointed, but the Texans earned the right to play no one this week, and the Titans will benefit.

49ers @ Seahawks +3 – The Seahawks are weird, and due to that they win this game.

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Paul Mainwaring

NFL Analyst

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