The Touchdown Three: Week 13

Well you know you are on a tough run of picking when you pick against Washington and they win! I understand that the Packers were also destroyed, but to lose a pick due to Washington being better than another NFL Franchise is tough to swallow. We have had a few bad weeks and the season being a success now hangs in the balance, so the Week 13 NFL picks are the time to go back to basics and pick some games that will get myself, and you all some wins. Let’s do this!

Week 12: 1-2-0

Overall Record: 18-16-2

Jets -3.5 @ Bengals

Week 2 Musings

The Jets in playoff contention, surely not? Actually if they win their next two games (which they should as they are against the Bengals and Dolphins) the Jets will be 6-7 and weirdly in the hunt. The 7TD’s to 1INT over the past three weeks from Sam Darnold, should have calmed the panic within the Jets fanbase, however there is still a lot of question to answer on this team before anyone will see them as contenders.

A few weeks ago the Bengals turned the page on their Franchise QB, this week they turn the page back. After some pretty terrible performances from Ryan Finley the Bengals have turned back to Andy Dalton to see if they can win one game but still keep the number one pick. For me all the focus for the Bengals should be Week 16 versus the Dolphins as if they win that they will avoid the ignominy of going 0-16 but will still be in pole position for the number 1 pick. The Bengals are a mess and changing QB won’t fix that.

The Jets may not be great, and may be on the road but they have more incentive to win, and I expect this to carry the day. Take the Jets here 

Bucs +1 @ Jags

If you have Bucs players on your fantasy team, especially the WR’s you must be having a lot of fun. If you are a fan, you must be pulling your hair out. Lots of points, lots of yards but unfortunately lots of mistakes and far too many losses. I think the Bucs thought that Bruce Arians could reign in Jameis but this seems like it is impossible, so next season a new QB will be in order

It feels like it is time for a major change down in Jacksonville. 3 straight losses, while changing back to your Franchise QB is not a good look, and could mean the end of the Coughlin, Marrone management axis. To think that less than 2 years ago this team was leading in the AFC title game is a little crazy. The Jags went all in on winning and didn’t win, we will know see that impact over the next few years.

The Bucs score and I just don’t think the Jags will be able to keep up, unless Jameis throws multiple pick 6’s. That could happen but I don’t think it will, take the Bucs here.

Pats -3.5 @ Texans

Watching a team with a dominant defense who are struggling on offense is always tough. Due to the team not moving up and down the field you always feel the other team have a chance, however against the Pats defense I am not sure you do. Of course the Pats would like their offense to be better, but while they are working through this issue the defense is playing on another level and given the schedule should give them enough to get the bye.

The Texans went all in at the start of the season, and by being 7-4 and top of the AFC South it seems that in the short term this is working. I have concerns about the Texans and I don’t see them as a genuine threat for a championship, but right now they are going to have a home playoff game and this will give any team a chance to go far in the playoffs.

This is a massive game for the Texans, Sunday night, at home, all the makings of a statement game. Only one statement for me, and that is the Texans are not ready for the Pats Defense. Take the Pats to cover and win.

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