UK Fantasy League

#UKFL begins Monday evening

This league grew originally from two angles. My desire was a personal one which you can read about below. Meanwhile, Ben wanted to try and replicate the excellent Scott Fish Bowl format here in the UK. We both felt there would be demand for a large scale league, and we were blown away by the response.

My original idea was to have a ‘perfect auction’ style league. The plan was to make an easy transition for people who didn’t want to play in a traditional draft league. Especially given the salary cap style is what we are used to here in the UK

(We actually have also got that style of league available which you can enter here)

After speaking to Ben, he convinced me that it would a much better idea to make a more complicated league- and then leave me to do sort it out, after he sketched out the playoff picture! But seriously, that really took the league to where I think it needed to go.

Originally we planned for the league to be around 80 people. Then we had 60 signups in one weekend, and that plan clearly had to change! To fill it with 240 in the end was honestly incredible and we hope it grows more in seasons to come.

My Personal Motivation

For me, the biggest part of this league is trying to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  As it says on the Just Giving page for the league my brother was diagnosed with Leukemia in May two years ago. Cancer Research helped give him exactly what he needed, which was the hope and drive to fight. His chances of survival were originally less than 50%, but the trial that he was put on meant that he is now going to go on his honeymoon this summer!

I was never going to run a marathon or anything like that, so with this league, I hope I can fulfill the fundraising ambition I have set myself (to ultimately donate enough to completely cover the cost of his treatment).


Get Connected & Support the League

We have made a twitter page that will be the main communication tool (@UKFantasyLeague) and we are asking that people use #UKFL when talking about the league on Twitter. 

Signups for next year are going to open before the start of the season (exact date will be determined soon) so keep your eyes peeled for announcements!

Additionally, I have started selling draft boards and other tools to help you dominate your draft, so if you haven’t checked out the store then you really should. A donation from all draft board sales will be added to the Just Giving page at the end of the season.

The League Itself

I should say that while setting this league up, the guys at Sleeper have been incredible in helping us. We have had a lot of questions but never once have they shrugged us off or been anything less than brilliant. If you are thinking about moving your league, just do it- you won’t regret it.

In setting up the league, we wanted to make it fun for beginners and seasoned vets. In this first season the lineup setting we have gone for is;

  • 1 quarterback
  • 2 running backs
  • 3 wide receivers
  • 1 Tight end
  • 2 flex spots (1 R/W/T & 1 R/W)
  • 1 kicker
  • 1 defense
  • 5 bench spots

This format then gives the ‘basic’ lineup for players to start their fantasy football experience. However, it is not so shallow that experienced players would be bored. Additionally, we can add to it and tweak it in years to come, depending on the feedback we get from people.

Setting the scoring was easy, we opted for 0.5 PPR, as that seems to be becoming the industry standard. Other than that the only other aspect I really wanted to change was to standardise kickers scoring (I really don’t like kickers scoring currently). Therefore, it means kickers are even flatter/ less important than in other fantasy leagues you may be in.

For the draft itself, we chose to set an eight-hour clock. Primarily because everyone has a life and it is difficult to get 12 perfect strangers to agree on a time to draft and then get that sorted across 20 leagues! I think that most people should be able to get their pick in 8 hours. However, if you don’t then owners can get in contact @benrolfe15, @richkingFF or on the main twitter feed.

Tips for the League and Draft

Honestly, this league is all about having fun. Therefore choose your team with guys you want to watch play on Sunday. Ultimately we are going to crown one ‘winner’ and there are some awesome (and I mean incredible) prizes that we have been given by our supporters. These include some signed items which will be revealed on Twitter shortly

We have tried to balance all of the positions. However, the thin running back depth this season means you should be looking in that direction early.

Oh, and don’t draft a kicker until right at the end of your draft. The scoring means that they aren’t likely going to have a huge impact on your result each week!


RIch King

King Fantasy Sports CEO & 5 yard rush member

As well as working with 5 yard rush you can find rich’s work at Rotoballer and FFStatistics.