Tyler Arthur

A recent Journalism graduate, Tyler is an NFL writer who played American Football throughout his time at university with the De Montfort University Falcons, as both a Wide Receiver and Quarterback. Having played the sport for three years, he is now using his passion and knowledge for the game for analytical writing. 

He is a Lead Writer and Social Media Manager for Gridiron Hub and a contributing writer for Read American Football. 

Here at The Touchdown, Tyler is an NFL Film & Prospect Analyst, and he produces long-form analytical pieces with video clips and detailed breakdowns. 

He loves Madden and Fantasy Football, and you won’t beat him at either. 

He can be found at @TylerArthur69 on Twitter, tweeting about all things NFL, Fantasy, and American Sports as a whole. He supports the Oakland Raiders, Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Lakers.  

Click here for his LinkedIn page.