Thursday Night Football Week 4 Picks: Denver Broncos @ New York Jets

A Thursday night football clash which is about as exciting as trip to the dentists lies ahead as the Broncos travel to New York to take on the Jets. These two are winless for differing reasons, the Broncos because they have been floored by injuries to multiple key players, the Jets, well, because they are an all-round bad football team, probably the worst in the NFL.

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Who will come out on top?

Week 4 picks Thursday

Denver quarterback Drew Lock went down mid-game in Week 2 against Pittsburgh, and to their credit, the Broncos at least managed to make it a contest. Week 3 saw Tampa Bay take Denver apart, with the glaring oversight by Broncos’ top brass in failing to have any sort of reasonable back-up at quarterback there for all to see. Tampa Bay’s defense though is exceptional, and Pittsburgh’s unit is in the upper echelons of the NFL. This Jets defense is not up to that standard and even with the messy situation at quarterback  there’s enough in this Denver offense to pose some sort of threat. 

If Denver are treading water then the Jets are a full-blown shipwreck. We’re still no closer to knowing whether Sam Darnold is the man at quarterback, rookie receiving hope Denzel Mims is unavailable, Le’Veon Bell is inured/not interested and if the murmurs coming out of New York are to be believed, the locker room is on the verge of a mutiny against head coach Adam Gase. Denver’s defense is serviceable and should hold up against this impotent offense.

The Verdict

Earlier in the week the odds compilers had the Broncos as three-point favourites for this contest, inexplicably the week has seen the Jets take favouritism. Denver are far from perfect but they have enough to see off a Jets team which looks to have completely given up on its head coach. Take the Broncos to win this one and Gase’s seat to get even hotter.


Michael Norbury

NFL Betting Analyst