The Touchdown Three: Week Seven

Well it looks like the top of NFC East isn’t as good as I thought.  Picking the Eagles and Cowboys in Week 6 meant consecutive losing weeks, and that my good period is starting to look like a distant memory. Not to fear, I have a cunning plan to get back on track in Week 7, and it is more that just avoid the NFC Least. Let me show you.

Week 6: 1-2

Overall Record: 9-8-1

Texans @ Colts -1

Week 7

It is always nice to have a bye after a win, and the Colts had a great win in Week 5 defeating the Chiefs. In that game the Colts knew they needed to dominate time of possession and they did that, by over 15 minutes! I think Frank Reich is one of the best coaches in the NFL and the job he has done so far this year has been excellent.

I am not Bill O’Brien’s biggest fan, but credit where it is due the Texans are playing really well at present. Keeping Deshaun Watson upright has always been an issue for the Texans but that has improved so far this season and shockingly enough that has meant points and wins. They are leading the division and have the playoffs in their sights, so maybe I should cut BOB some slack.

I might give BOB some credit but I think he is outmatched in the coaching department this week. In a tight division matchup I am going to take the Colts team to sneak a close one, so take the Colts

49ers -9.5 @ Washington

Week 7

Washington won last week. It was against the Dolphins as the Dolphins seem to deliberately botch a two-point conversion as time expired, but a win is a win. This team is not great far from it, but I do think a new voice (Bill Callaghan) will make them more professional, and they needed that. They will still be the 2nd worst team in the league, but I hope they will look less amateur doing it.

Meanwhile, what a start by the 49ers. I thought they would be improved from last season, but to have beaten last seasons win total after only six weeks is something pretty remarkable. With Kyle Shanahan being the Head Coach it is easy to focus on the offense, but right now they have one of the best defenses in the league and are allowing less that 250 yards per game, which is remarkable. This team is heading for the playoffs, and not only that but a bye and a home game.

REVENGE GAME!! If you don’t think Kyle wants to stick it to Snyder you are thinking about it all wrong. Luckily for Washington fans in the DMV they can focus on the Nationals and Capitals as this could be a bloodbath. Take the 49ers big

Saints +3 @ Bears

Week 7

Not every team loves their trip to London and it seems like the Bears would not have been fans. A terrible loss to the Raiders in which their all star defense struggled is not something anyone expected. The week off means Trubisky should be back this week, but given his struggles I am not 100% sure that is a positive. With the Packers and Vikings looking good, the Bears need to improve and fast.

When Drew Brees went out in the Rams game, I am not sure anyone envisioned the Saints winning their next four, but that is what they have done. Teddy Bridgewater has done enough, and the defense has sparkled, meaning even without Brees this maybe the best team in the NFC. Ok, fantasy owners have gripes over Thomas and Kamara, but Payton and the Saints won’t care and nor should they.

I think this may be a defensive matchup and when you have one of them I look to see who has the best defense and QB. I can’t believe I am saying this but I think the Saints win both of those matchups so I will take the Saints  and the points please.

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