The Touchdown Three: Week Six

By Paul Mainwaring

Glass Jaw?

As Mike Tyson once said ‘Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth’, well Week Five felt like a punch in the mouth for my picks. The Bears defense not travelling to London, and Teddy Bridgewater being excellent, were not in my plan and this is why I had a losing week. Do you change? Do you panic? Of course not! Still in profit, still feeling confident, so the plan continues, well until I get hit in the mouth again…….

Week 5: 1-2

Overall Record: 8-6-1

Eagles +3 @ Vikings

I think the Eagles are good, like best team in the NFC good. I don’t do this as a reverse jinx for my friend Neil (listen to us on Waxing Lyrical), but as I genuinely believe it. Yes, they have a couple of strange losses to the Falcons and the Lions, but I do think a lot of that was due to the injuries on offense. The wide receiver core is getting healthy and the emergence of Jordan Howard as a featured back is a real boost. If they can stay healthy all season I expect to see Wentz and his boys in some meaningful games in January.

The Vikings did what all Kirk Cousins teams do last week, they beat up on a garbage team. As I have discussed previously, if Kirk is your QB you never have to worry when you play a bad team. The Vikings dominated the Gmen and also got one of their WR’s back on track, although it wasn’t the one who asked for a trade. The Vikings have issues still but that win will help morale, especially with a big home game on deck.

The Vikings are a good team, the Eagles are better. Cousins struggles against good teams, and I don’t expect that to change here. Pick the Eagles to cover.

Week 6

Saints +1.5 @ Jags

So I learned something last week. Teddy Bridgewater and the Saints coaching staff read my weekly article. How do I know that I hear you ask? Well I said 200 yards of offense was unsustainable, they got 450. I said the Bucs were better, they dominated the game. I underestimated Teddy and the whole Saints team, and I was wrong to do that. I thought the Brees injury would derail the season, so far it has not affected wins and losses at all.

I secretly love the Jags, well Gardiner Flint Minshew II. They are another team who have lost their starting QB, and have not really missed a beat. They put on another excellent show on Sunday versus the Panthers but they couldn’t overcome Christian McCaffrey and the turnovers. I think for the first time in a long time things are looking up for the Jags on offense and that can only be a good thing long term.

This should be a really good matchup, and one I can’t wait to watch. I think it will be close but I am going with both the talent and experience, so I am taking the Saints here

Waiver Wire

Cowboys -7 @ Jets

What to make of the Dallas Cowboys? After 3 straight wins to start the season, the Dallas hype train was in full effect. Since then, losses to the Saints and Packers may have calmed the hype. As a Washington fan I always think people overrate the Cowboys, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think they are good. They have talent, and when games are played on their terms they will be successful, the issue for them is I don’t think they can play off that script.

The Jets have had a rough few weeks, and one of those weeks was a bye. With Darnold missing games due to mononucleosis the offense hit rock bottom, with them not scoring a TD on offense for 2.5 games. You would hope that with Darnold back things would improve, but do expect him to be rusty. The Jets are a bad team and their Head Coach pick is looking worse and worse every week. I would have sympathy but I support Washington.

The Cowboys are able to assert their gameplan this week and will dominate the Jets. Pick the Cowboys

Week 6, Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

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