The Touchdown Three: Week Four

By Paul Mainwaring

Head over Heart in Week 4

Another profitable week last week, going 2-1, only let down by the Seahawks, who I bet with my heart, due to my love of Pete Carroll. This week no picks from the heart, its logic, and the eye sight test all the way. Don’t believe me? Check out the first pick to see I am not messing around.

Week 3: 2-1

Overall Record: 5-3-1

Washington @ Giants -2.5

For those of you who follow me on twitter (@Mainzey7) or listen to my Pod ( you will know I am a long suffering Washington fan. Over the years teams like the Browns, Lions and Bengals have taken the headlines in terms of terrible franchises, but believe me Washington can match them stride for stride since May 1999. 

At present the team are 0-3, after another Monday Night Football loss, and there is no optimism in sight. Jay Gruden is a dead man walking and any sight of Dwayne Haskins in such a sinking ship, is surely a recipe for disaster. Even if Haskins does come in, the team has possibly the worst secondary I have ever seen, and I have watched a lot of Football.

I said a QB change wouldn’t help in Washington, it certainly did in New York. Danny Dimes took the helm last week and led the Giants to a win over the Bucs and also put some spark in the offense, that has been missing for a number of years. My favourite stat on the Bucs game is that when Eli was down by 18 points or more he was 0-44, Danny F Dimes is 1-0. The Giants are not a great team but optimism covers a lot of scars.

I don’t care if Barkley is out, Danny Dimes is going to tear up Washington. Take the GMen here big!

NFC East, Daniel Jones, Week 4

Raiders @ Colts -6.5

Roster construction should never be underestimated. You don’t want to be in a position of 1 injury or retirement destroying your season. The Colts lost Andrew Luck and due to their roster, have taken it in their stride and look much better than people expected. Jacoby Brissett may not have the talent of Luck, but he is playing great and with the OL and RB’s to help this team will be dangerous come January time.

The Raiders surprised people Week 1, but that may have happened due to how poor the Broncos are. Since then, they have struggled and last week they were bullied  by the Vikings. I didn’t think the Raiders were a good team and that performance made me think I was right.

Logically I believe the Colts are good, and the Raiders are not. Therefore I expect the Colts to win by more than a TD, so take the Colts

Week 3, Week 4, Week 7

Jags +3 @ Broncos

Is it better to be lucky or good? The Jags decided to pay for a QB, who then gets injured, and allows them to play their rookie who might actually be very good. The Jags dominated the Titans last Thursday and Gardner Flint Minshew II was everything the Jags have wanted out of their QB for the past five years, and never had. Also the defense woke back up and dominated, and if that continues, watch out.

As Emmanuel Sanders so eloquently put it, the Broncos are in a world of suck right now. I think a lot of people thought there would be struggles with Flacco and the offense, but the defensive struggles are very surprising. What has gone under the radar is that when Fangio called defense he was in a booth and now he isn’t and this really seems to be having a massive impact.

The Jags have the better offense and defense in this game, and they are getting points. I know they are on the road but I still expect Minshew to pull out the win, take the Jags.

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Paul Mainwaring

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