By Mainz

The Touchdown podcast is back with the Touchdown review. Each week Paul Mainwaring (Mainz) will chat with Touchdown writers to review the previous week in College and the NFL. This week Mainz spoke to:

Tayyib Abu on the Titans and Joe Burrow

George Somerville on all things SEC, including Mainz’s curiosity of Lane Kiffin

Callum Squires on Lamar and the Dallas Cowboys actually being good

Thomas Willoughby on the Packers and Rams

Touchdown Review Ep2

Tayyib Abu

Week 17 Review
Credit: AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith

Tayyib joins Mainzey and talks about the Titans and the return of King Henry, before debating the pros and cons of Joe Burrow…

George Somerville

George joins Mainz to talk all things SEC, specifically Ole Miss, ‘Bama and the Gators.

Callum Squires

Chiefs, Lamar Jackson, 2019 MVP
Credit: : Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This week Callum talks about the brilliance of Lamar and the Ravens’ standing in the AFC, as well as looking ahead to the big matchups of Week 3.

Thomas Willoughby

Finally Thomas hops on the call to talk about the Rams and Packers while trying to avoid talking the Week 3 horror show between the Giants and Falcons. Tune in to find out more!

Paul Mainwaring

NFL Analyst

A former UKEndzone writer, Paul has been dragged out of an enforced retirement to give his thoughts on the NFL and anything else  he can slide past the editorial team.

Paul is most famous (infamous?) as Mainz one half of Waxing Lyrical. alongside his Partner in Crime Neil ‘Dutts’ Dutton.

Find him @Mainzey7 where all manner of sports are on the menu.