The Touchdown NFL Draft Show

Every night until the 2020 NFL Draft The Touchdown team will be bringing you a live show discussing all things NFL Draft related. Topics discussed will range from prospect analysis through to the needs of the NFL teams. We will be live each night at 8:30 pm British Summer Time as host Ben Rolfe and producer Alex Chinery are joined by a number of their fellow Touchdown analysts.

Each show will also be available as a podcast and can be found on the major podcast platforms. To ensure you do not miss and single show, be sure to subscribe to The Touchdown podcast channel.

You can find all of our NFL Draft content on the Draft Hub section of the site, including over 250 prospect profiles, our big boards, a number of mock drafts, a spotlight on Group of Five and FCS prospects, and the Perfect Picks series.

Show 1: April 10th - Tua Tagovailoa's injuries and the landscape of the quarterback position in the first-round of the Draft

Ben and Alex were joined by NFL analyst Paul Mainwaring to discuss the recent news regarding Tua’s rumoured failed medical as well as his “leaked” workout video and how all of this is affecting his draft stock.

They also discuss the other potential first-round quarterbacks, including the merits of the polarising Justin Herbert and whether Jordan Love is better than his 2019 numbers suggest. They end the show discussing the future for Joe Burrow in the NFL and whether we could see a blockbuster trade for a player that is viewed as one of the safest quarterback selections since Andrew Luck in 2012.

Show 2: April 11th - Discussing all things Wide Receiver

Tom Scott joins Ben and Alex to discuss the wide receiver position in this years NFL Draft. They start by discussing the big three, Jerry Jeudy, Ceedee Lamb and Henry Ruggs, before discussing the other potential first round options.

The show rounds off with all three picking out some of their favourite Day 2 and 3 receivers who could make an impact in the NFL.

Show 3: April 12th - The Weird and Wonderful Safety Class

Ben is joined by Rebecca Rennie and Paul Mainwaring as they discuss the strange makeup of the the 2020 safety class. They open up the show discussing whether there will be any first-round selections at the position, discussing who is top of their big boards and which teams have the biggest need at the position.

In the second half of the show, they go into detail on Ashtyn Davis, Jeremy Chinn and Kyle Dugger, who can all hear their name called in Round 2. They round off the show discussing which names are worth keeping an eye out for on Day 3, and where those players may make an impact in 2020.  

Show 4: April 13th - Going Deep on the Cornerback Position

Ben is joined by Rebecca Rennie and Thomas Willoughby as they discuss a polarising cornerback position, which is headlined by one of the best prospects at the position in many years.

They discuss which teams have the biggest needs at the position entering the 2020 NFL Draft, before Bex give a somewhat surprising view on who she has as CB2.

The show ends with a discussion of the merits of small-school prospect Reid Harrison-Ducros, as well as some others names to look out for on Day 3.

Show 5: April 14th - Going Deep on the Cornerback Position

Ben is joined by Simon Carroll and Thomas Willoughby to discuss the running back position. They open the show by discussing what to make of Christian McCaffrey’s new deal and whether anyone in the current draft class compare to CMC of Ezekiel Elliott?

Si then breaks down his big board before they discuss if we will we see any running backs taken in Round 1 and which teams have the most glaring needs at the running back position?

The second half of the shows focuses on whether we will see a rush of running backs taken on Day 2 and who are the names to look out for at the position on Day 3?

Show 6: April 15th - Breaking down the 2020 Offensive Line Class

Ben is joined by Rebecca Rennie and Tom Scott as they break down one of the most important position groups in any NFL Draft, the offensive line. 

They discuss who their OT1 is before is digging deeper into the enigma that is Mehki Becton and Bex’s love of Josh Jones. The offensive tackle rounds out as they discuss Austin Jackson and their mixed opinions on him.

Attention then turn to the interior of the offensive line, discussing the merits of Cesar Ruiz as a first-rounder, as well as the profiles of Lloyd Cushenberry, Robert Hunt and Ben Bartch.

They wrap up the show discussing some Day 3 prospects to keep an eye on in next weeks draft.

Show 7: April 16th - Mark Schofield joins the show to talk all things Quarterback

With just a week until the NFL Draft, Dan Gorelov is joined by Mark Schofield as they discuss this years Quarterback prospects. the Patriots draft plans, and some big unknowns of this years draft class.

Show 8: April 17th - The Troublesome Tight End Class

Ben is joined by Rebecca Rennie and producer Alex Chinery as they break down the tight end position. They open the show discussing who should be the top tight end prospect, before looking deeper into the class.

They wrap up the show discussing some Day 3 prospects to keep an eye on in next weeks draft.

Show 9: April 18th - Shining the Limelight on the Linebackers

Ben and Alex are joined by Simon Carroll as they discuss a tight end position led by a star in Isaiah Simmons. The then discuss the other potential first-rounders to look out for at the back end of Day 1.

In the second half of the show they debate the merits of talent versus red flag with Willie Gay before discussing names to look out for on Day 2. They close out the show highlighting some names to look out for on Day 3 on this years NFL Draft.

Show 10: April 19th - Revisiting the history of the NFL Draft

Ben and Alex are joined by George Somerville to discuss the intricacies of the NFL Draft as well as discuss George’s series of articles looking back at some highlight moments in the history of the draft.

They discuss the first ever draft, the time the wrong pick was made by one franchise, and the draft that turned Mel Kiper into a household name.

The show ends with George highlighting one of his top-10 NFL Draft moments that not everyone may know before he discusses his experience attending the 2018 version of the draft in Dallas. 

Show 11: April 20th - Mock Draft Monday

Ben and Alex are joined by Simon Carroll and Dan Gorelov as they tackle a Round 1 mock draft. They  break down their reasoning for the picks and tackle some of the more controversial picks.

Show 12: April 21st - Addressing the Defensive Line Class & Talking Gronk!

Ben is joined by Simon Carroll and Steve Moore as they discuss all things defensive line. Among the topics are how good is Chase Young, should Derrick Brown be getting more love, and who is worth a first-round pick?

They also discuss whether Yannick Ngakoue is a better option for the New York Giants than the pass rushers they might be able to get in this draft.

The show ends with New England fan Ben and Tampa Buccaneers fan Steve reacting live to the news of the Rob Gronkowski trade.  

Show 13: April 22nd - Tackling the 2020 NFL Draft rumour mill

Ben is joined by Tom Scott and Tom Willoughby to discuss all of the major 2020 NFL Draft rumours. Which ones do they think could be real and which are smokescreens?