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George chronicles the week building up to the biggest game in the college football calendar – the National Championship!

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National Championship Predictions

With the National Championship game only hours away it’s time to put our (virtual) money where our mouths are and set out some predictions. On this week’s @thecollegechaps podcast we were joined by some old friends, each of whom had an opinion on how this game would play out. So along with our guests, the Chaps also stuck their necks out to predict the future. Here’s what we said…. 

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Chris Marler, Saturday Down South & College Football Uncensored (Alabama Fan)

Image credit: Chris Marler Twitter

Chris Marler is an unapologetic Alabama fan, so it is no great surprise that he tips Alabama to defeat Georgia yet again. But that’s not to say that Chris doesn’t acknowledge the quality of this Georgia team.

“It’s (UGA) a really incredible team  and I tell you what, if they don’t do it now I don’t know when they will – I really don’t. This is the year you want Bama if you’re Georgia.


I’m going to say that Saban is somehow, someway – he knows a lot more about football than I do…I think Georgia is probably winning at the half  but I hope we beat them in the most dramatic fashion possible and the State is as quiet as a church mouse come Tuesday morning….I’m going to say Bama wins 31-30″.

Chris’s prediction: Alabama 31: Georgia 30,


Marshall Miller aka Mello, Mic'd Up (Texas Longhorns Fan)

Image credit: Marshall Miller, Twitter

As we know from Stick To Football and now Mic’d Up, Mello has a wealth of college football knowledge to be ideally placed to give us a prediction. And with no skin in the game, Mello has really no bias towards one team or another.

I think I have maybe been doing this too long now as it almost sounds stupid to bet against Nick Saban , just to be honest. They are in it all the time and have such a great team. The have the defense and the running game but they also have the Heisman winner at quarter back. I have to go with Alabama. 


I love the Georgia defense but I have seen Alabama score points on them before, so I’m going with Alabama. And it’s crazy that it’s going to be an upset because the betting odds are in favour of Georgia . So I go with Alabama, I do think they will put up some points . I’m going with a score prediction, let’s go 34-27 Alabama “.


Mello’s prediction Alabama 34: Georgia 27


Laura Rutledge, SEC Nation & ESPN NFL Live (Gator Fan)

Image credit: SEC Network

With both teams fighting for the Natty coming from the SEC, Laura Rutledge is expertly placed to make a call on which of these teams comes out on top. However, there is competition in the Rutledge household 

“My brain tells me that Georgia is going to win. But I still can’t pick against Bama in a game like this. I think it’s going to be incredibly close – I think Bama wins it by 3 points. I would not be shocked if this game goes into overtime. Bama has been in an overtime fight before this season – they have been In these really close games and be able to pull them out. Ultimately more than anything that’s what matters for Bama.

Laura’s prediction Alabama 34: Georgia 31

The College Chaps

Image credit: @thecollegechaps

And what do the Chaps have to say about the Championship game? Well this…..

George Somerville (College Chaps and Alabama Fan)

“there has been a recurring theme throughout this pod, which is that no-one is willing to bet against Nick Saban. There are lot of reasons why Georgia should win this game but can you really bet against Nick Saban. So I think Alabama are going to squeak it in, as Laura says, an overtime game.  think its going to harp back to 2017”.

George’s prediction : Alabama 38: Georgia 35


Alex Chinery (College Chap and Texas Longhorns Fan)

As we know AC is a man of many words, but on this occasion Alex feels the situation so straightforward, he declared the outcome in very few words in deed.

As cold as you like Alex declares,

“Never bet against Nick Saban. Bama by 10 for me – 31-21”

Alex’s prediction : Alabama 31: Georgia 21


Oli Hodgkinson (PFN College Football & Draft analyst, College Chap and Boston College Eagles Fan)

They say no man is an island, but in this group Oliver stands on his own. While the others (except AC) predict a hard fought contest, there is a unanimous feeling that the Crimson Tide comes out on top. But not Oli…….

“After a close fought game that finishes 27-27, Stetson Bennett finds Brock Bowers for the 2pt conversion win in fourth overtime to give the Bulldogs their first national championship since 1980”.

Oli’s prediction: Georgia 29 : Alabama 27


Well there you have it, the Chaps and guests thoughts on the game. Not a Corso headgear in sight, but plenty of opinion. One sure fire thing? Reese Rutledge is the only person likely to call this game right. What do the rest of us know?!
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