NFL Week 14 Winners & Losers

By Lee Wakefield & Peter Mann


This week felt like the week of the underdog in the NFL, with a whole host of results going opposite of what we’d expect. Great for the fans of those teams. Great for fans who want chaos and an exciting playoff run too! And lastly, and least importantly, it probably makes our job writing about winners and losers easier.

Winners - Lee Wakefield

Justin Fields and the Bears

The Bears had another good week and so did Justin Fields.

Fields has steadily improved throughout the season to the point where over his last 5 full games he has 1,226 yards, 10 touchdowns, 305 rushing yards, and 1 rushing score. Fields has a passer rating of 107.7 throughout this time too.

Calls for the Bears to draft a quarterback are getting quieter. Fields is looking more and more like the legitimate, dual-threat weapon he promised to be coming out of Ohio State. With this, Chicago has more and more power to reshape the franchise with what could possibly turn out to be two top-5 picks in the 2024 draft.

As long as they curb the winning. They have won 3 of the last 4 games now with Fields on such a good run after this return to the starting lineup. This winning run also, more importantly, makes it two winners appearances in three weeks.

Zach Wilson

It’s not often he gets to sit in this column, so when he qualifies, we simply have to pay Zach Wilson his dues.

Wilson balled out against the Texans on Sunday evening, passing for over 300 yards and putting up 30 points against a resurgent Houston team. Most crucially of all, Wilson played mistake-free football, which hasn’t often been the case throughout his career.

Perhaps continuing to be care-free, instead of careless when under centre will lead to a new lease of life for Wilson. It’s unlikely that he’s the Jets’ long-term answer, especially with Aaron Rodgers looking odds on to play in 2024. However, something I considered on the podcast a couple of weeks ago, is whether Wilson could resurrect his career elsewhere in the style of Geno Smith in Seattle. Somewhere where he doesn’t have too much by way of expectations on his shoulders, and he’s on a cheap, short-term deal. Wilson has talent, so a low-risk, high-reward, team-friendly deal could work for all parties.

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys

The Cowboys pulled off a big, statement win on Sunday night and Dak Prescott played fantastically well. As he and Dallas have been since their bye.

Dak should be in the MVP conversation.

The Cowboys are one of three teams on 10-3 in the NFC, the usurped Philadelphia atop of the NFC East standings, and are well in the race for the #1 seed.

Prescott has his detractors, he always has. But right now, he’s become one of the best and most clutch QBs in the league, shown by his league-leading adjusted EPA/play of 0.471 on 3rd and 4th down. His numbers in a number of advanced metrics are all fantastic too; success rate… Completion Percentage Over Expected (CPOE)… Take your pick, Dak’s efficiency is through the roof right now.

It feels like his on-field relationship with CeeDee Lamb has also gone to new heights, and it’s pushing the Cowboys to a position where they’re serious contenders.

Perhaps the only thing Dak needs to switch up is his cadence

Losers - Peter Mann

Those who want points, points, and more points

Low-scoring franchises are seemingly the thing this current, regular season in the NFL, and the weekend gone was no different either. 

The Las Vegas Raiders – Minnesota Vikings (0-3) was oh so close to being the first scoreless game of the Super Bowl era, in fact not since the 1940s had there been one; it was saved by a field goal from Greg Joseph with under two minutes remaining. 

On top of that the Los Angeles Chargers (7), Carolina Panthers (6), and Houston Texans (6) all low-scored in their respective losses to Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, and, perhaps surprisingly, New York Jets. 

The Chargers fell to a 24-7 loss and left it until the fourth quarter before Austin Ekeler registered on a 3-yard run; the Panthers went down 28-6 to a Derek Carr-inspired Saints and were restricted to a pair of goals from Eddy Pineiro; and the Texans, well they suffered a 30-6 defeat to the soaring Jets with all points having been registered in the second half. 

Devin Singletary scored from close range for the Texans, but the Jets ran riot with three TDs and three field goals scored overall. 

Kansas City Chiefs

Has something gone wrong in Kansas?  After a second successive loss this past weekend, this time a narrow 20-17 reverse to Buffalo Bills, at the Chiefs’ own, Arrowhead Stadium. 

Although successful in overall yards, what the Chiefs earned in passing, they gave up in rushing and there’s much that went wrong with what went right in this game, and both Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, were far from happy – especially with the game’s officiating. 

Unhappy!! Well, that was due to the officiating surrounding what was deemed one of the game’s greatest-ever improvised touchdowns, they stated an infraction shouldn’t have been called on it – we’re all entitled to our opinions though.

NFC South

The NFC South, it has to be mentioned, doesn’t it? Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons, and New Orleans Saints all boast a losing 6-7 record; the Bucs have won their last two (29-25 over the Falcons last time out); the Falcons have won two of their last three; and the Saints have won one last one in their last two (28-6 against the Panthers in their last). 

It could well be that the NFC South, the weakest in the NFL overall, will host a playoff game this season in a division that has seen those three, Carolina Panthers (1-12) have long been out of contention, chop-and-change throughout the regular season. 

There’s just not been any consistency throughout, well unless you’re in Carolina that is…

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