The Touchdown Three: Week 14

Well, things have gone from bad to worse in recent weeks, and the results have not made pretty viewing. Last week I picked the Jets who decided to hit rock bottom and the Pats who picked that week to have their fake crisis. I am still above .500 for the season, but barely, and now the next few weeks are vital if I am to be seen as a success in season one. Only one thing for it, work hard, study and nail the picks.

Week 13: 1-2-0

Overall Record: 19-18-2

Chargers @ Jags +3

NFL Picks Week 14

This feels like the end of the Phil Rivers era with the Chargers. Not only is Phil really struggling this season but I am pretty sure he has now completed every way to lose a one possession game, so what more does he have to achieve…. The Chargers have been a massive disappointment this year, and it would be much more if a story if they had a fanbase where they play games.

The Jags learnt a valuable lesson last week, Nick Foles is only good in a Eagles uniform. The Jags had hoped that Nick’s issues in St Louis where coaching related, it seems like they were not, and he was benched going into the 2nd half. I believe Marrone is a dead man walking and trying to get back some Minshew Magic is a logical position to take but I don’t think it saves him after Week 17.

I know I mentioned I thought Phil Rivers had completed the heart break losses level in the NFL, but as he is an expert I think he still has a couple left in him. Chargers don’t blow teams out and I think Minshew makes the Jags more fun so take the Jags here.

Steelers -2.5 @ Cardinals

NFL Picks Week 14

Duck Duck Win? Duck Hodges took over from the abysmal Mason Rudolph and led the Steelers to a win over the Cleveland Browns. Now Duck was far from spectacular but he game the offense enough of a boost that the defense could win the game. Incredibly the Steelers are 7-5 and in a wildcard position, and Mike Tomlin has to be commended for an incredible job. Can they keep it up? The schedule may help…

The Cardinals were blown out by an average Rams team last week, they have now lost 5 on the bounce and are really struggling. This season was always the start of a rebuild, but concerns have to be raised on large parts of the roster. I think they have found their QB, but if they don’t fix that defense and get him some more skill players it may not matter.

The Steelers are just a better team up and down the roster. This pick isn’t complicated I am just picking the team who needs the win more, and that is why I am going with the Steelers.

Giants @ Eagles -10

Rejoice!! We may be getting one more Eli Manning game! With Daniel Jones in a protective boot while I write this it looks like we might get Eli in a Giants uniform one more time. Right now Eli has a career record of 116-116 so it is only fitting that he plays this weeks to decide which way his record goes. The issue for Eli is that the team and coaching staff around him are horrendous, and at present have the 2nd worst record in the NFL. That is correct, right now the Giants are worse than Miami and Washington.

My goodness the Eagles have been a massive disappointment so far this season. At the start of the season a lot of people picked the Eagles to be the class of not only their division, but the Conference, breaking news, they are not. Carson Wentz has no weapons and this has led to major struggles on offense, and the defense hasn’t been much better especially in the secondary. Philly isn’t happy so I expect major roster changes for 2020.

The Eagles haven’t been great but they have been so much better than the Giants, and now Philly get the chance to give Eli a proper send off. Strap in Giants haters this could be fun, take the Eagles to blowout the hapless Giants.

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