NFL Draft: Lucas Coronado Mock Draft 1.0

By Lucas Coronado

This is my first mock draft of the season, but I have seen many of the prospects in the upcoming class and it does seem quite strong compared to recent years. Trades are very unpredictable so I won’t include any here, but may do so in the future. This article is just so I can start to outline some of the prospects, and I will continue to write more draft content throughout the offseason. 

The top three picks are super important and will dictate how the rest of the draft goes. The Bears have a chance to take a shot at greatness in Caleb Williams or to keep acquiring talent to surround Justin Fields. A lot can change in the months leading up to the draft like last year when the Panthers made a huge move up to the first pick. There could be as many as five or six quarterbacks taken in the first round and I predict they will make up at least two of the top three picks.

Bears, Chicago Bears 2020

1. Chicago Bears (Via Carolina Panthers)

Marvin Harrison Jr., Wide Receiver. Ohio State

If the Bears don’t want to reset and take Caleb Williams, then I don’t think they would make the pick at one. They would likely trade down and acquire more picks and possibly a player in return, like last year in the Panthers trade. 

Harrison is the best non-quarterback in the draft in my opinion and the Bears receivers have created the least amount of separation in the league this past season. Getting Fields another playmaker should improve his play as he has done every year he’s been in the league.

2. Washington Commanders

Caleb Williams, Quarterback. USC

Williams is a fantastic prospect and I’m not sure if the Commanders are willing to keep riding with Sam Howell. Sunk cost doesn’t really apply here like with the Bears because Howell was only a fifth-round pick. In this scenario, they get a dynamic playmaker at quarterback to build their offense around.

Patriots, New England Patriots

3. New England Patriots

Drake Maye, Quarterback. UNC

Drake Maye is also an exciting quarterback prospect. He is very close to Williams, but I see Williams as a more mobile playmaker at the position. The Patriots had atrocious quarterback play last season and can fix that with Maye. 

Cardinals, Arizona Cardinals 2020

4. Arizona Cardinals

Malik Nabers, Wide Receiver. LSU

After two quarterbacks being taken, the Cardinals have a fine one in Kyler Murray. Malik Nabers produced at an award-winning level last season and is an elite playmaker that the Cardinals could use. They have a few smaller, speedy receivers, but Naber could provide more versatility with his well-rounded skill set.

Los Angeles Chargers 2020

5. Los Angeles Chargers

Brock Bowers, Tight End. Georgia

The Chargers are in a very interesting position. They seem to have quite the collection of talent, but it never seems to pan out, which is why they are sitting with the fifth pick of the draft. I think this is mostly due to having elite high-end talent, but lack of depth. They are a team that may trade down to acquire more picks to add the needed quality depth. 

With that being said, Bowers is one of the best recent tight end prospects that the Chargers could really use. He could be hyper-productive with an elite quarterback like Justin Herbert throwing to him.

Giants, New York Giants 2020

6. New York Giants

Rome Odunze, Wide Receiver. Washington

In a great receiver class, the Giants are in luck. They are in need of a playmaker to help out Daniel Jones and the offense and Odunze would be a huge factor next season. Odunze has elite tracking and is able to bring down any ball thrown his way.

Titans, Tennessee Titans 2020

7. Tennessee Titans

Joe Alt, Offensive Tackle. Notre Dame

Joe Alt is an absolute giant and would be a franchise player for whoever drafts him. At 6’8” 315 pounds, he will be able to protect Will Levis and boost the offense.

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Falcons, Atlanta Falcons 2020

8. Atlanta Falcons

Jayden Daniels, Quarterback. LSU

The Falcons really need an answer at QB. They have multiple playmakers on offense and even just an above-average quarterback could do wonders for this team.

Bears, Chicago Bears 2020

9. Chicago Bears

Bralen Trice, Edge. Washington

Bralen Trice is the best edge rusher in the class in my eyes. His mixture of consistency and splash plays catapulted him into the top ten. He is an absolute game wrecker at times, but never seems to get moved off his spot like I’ve seen too often with the other edge rushers in the class. 

He also comes in to help the Bears who, outside of newly acquired Montez Sweat, have no pass rush. This could provide a big boost to a decent defense who we saw handle bad offenses really well towards the end of the season.

Jets, New York Jets

10. New York Jets

Olu Fashanu, Offensive Tackle. Penn State

Fashanu, like Joe Alt, will be able to be a franchise player and help the offense. He would also provide an answer at tackle that the Jets have been desperately needing it seems. 

Vikings, Minnesota Vikings

11. Minnesota Vikings

Michael Penix Jr, Quarterback. Washington

With Kirk Cousins’ contract expiring and none of their backup quarterbacks proving much, the Vikings could be looking to draft a new one in this seemingly loaded class. Penix may “fall” in the draft due to being a relatively old prospect at 23 and having a rough injury history. I saw a lot of talent in him this season at Washington and think he may be able to translate to the NFL.

Broncos, Denver Broncos 2020

12. Denver Broncos

Laiatu Latu, Edge. UCLA

Latu is another relatively old prospect at age 23. He seems to be a pass-rush demon and could be a fantastic edge defender if he could develop more as a run defender.

Raiders, Las Vegas Raiders

13.Las Vegas Raiders

Jer’Zhan Newton, Defensive Line. Illinois

Newton is a great player and has versatility to play from different alignments along the defensive line, which seems to be the Raiders’ defensive weak spot. He could be a relatively explosive defender from different spots, despite being a tad undersized for the position.

Saints, New Orleans Saints 2020

14. New Orleans Saints

JC Latham, Offensive Tackle. Alabama

Latham is another fantastic tackle prospect in this class. He has prototypical size and strength to at least hold his own against NFL defenders. At 6’6” 360 pounds, nothing will get by him if he can polish up his footwork and keep up with defenders.

Colts, Indianapolis Colts 2020

15. Indianaoplis Colts

Cooper DeJean, Cornerback. Iowa

Cooper DeJean is my first cornerback off the board because he seems to be a very smooth corner with good instincts and is very explosive. Listed at 6’1”, 205 pounds, he is a large, versatile corner who could even make a move to safety because of his size.

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Seahawks, Seattle Seahawks 2020

16. Seattle Seahawks

Dallas Turner, Edge. Alabama

Turner is a fine edge rusher for his size. He only weighs around 245 pounds, but seems to have more than enough strength. He does get moved off his spot occasionally against the run, so if he can bulk up then he could end up being a great edge rusher in the league.

Jaguars, Jacksonville Jaguars 2020

17. Jacksonville Jaguars

Kool-Aid McKinstry, Cornerback. Alabama

Kool-Aid had a great 2022 season and was also perfectly fine this season. He didn’t get targeted nearly as much this season, but he is still a very safe pick as a corner that can cover any receiver you need him to. 

Cincinnati Bengals 2020

18. Cincinnati Bengals

Taliese Fuaga, Offensive Tackle. Oregon State

Fuaga is as good a run blocker as I can find in this class. He should be able to move even some of the best run defenders in the league, but needs to work on his pass blocking. He seems to stand too tall when in pass sets and could eventually be an elite tackle if he learns to use more leverage.

Los Angeles Rams 2020

19. Los Angeles Rams

Terrion Arnold, Cornerback. Alabama

Arnold has ideal size and athleticism to be a lockdown corner in the NFL. He benefited from opposing teams throwing away from Kool-Aid McKinstry and had fantastic ball production this season. He could get better as a zone corner, but he could end up being a fantastic lockdown corner with very few weaknesses.

Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers 2020

20. Pittsburgh Steelers

Kalen King, Cornerback. Penn State

King is a bit of a smaller corner but has great coverage instincts. He could develop better discipline and could be a great cover corner, but could always get outmaneuvered at the catch point by larger receivers.

Dolphins, Miami Dolphins 2020

21. Miami Dolphins

Jordan Morgan, Offensive Tackle. Arizona

Morgan seems quite athletic and could be a great tackle in the league, but his biggest weakness is body control. Would like to see him play with leverage a tad better and polish his footwork

Eagles, Philadelphia Eagles 2020

22. Philadelphia Eagles

Kamren Kinchens, Safety. Miami

This class doesn’t seem to be loaded at the safety position, but Kinchens is an incredibly versatile safety. He played most of his snaps as a free safety, but also accumulated over 100 snaps each as a box safety/linebacker and at slot corner.

Texans, Houston Texans 2020

23. Houston Texans (Via Cleveland Browns)

Xavier Legette , Wide Receiver. South Carolina

The Texans have gotten great production out of their receivers this season, but I still think that adding more talent wouldn’t hurt. Offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik and quarterback CJ Stroud should be able to cook again next season with an even more talented receiver corps.

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Cowboys, Dallas Cowboys 2020

24. Dallas Cowboys

Ennis Rakestraw Jr, Cornerback, Missouri

Rakestraw could see himself sneak into the late first round due to his fluidity and quickness. He is very able to mirror receivers with ease and has an excellent blend of length, speed, and explosiveness. Not a fantastic tackler, but a good corner in coverage.

Packers, Green Bay Packers

25. Green Bay Packers

Amarius Mims, Offensive Tackle. Georgia

Mims is surprisingly agile for his size and has great upside, but lacks footwork. He seems to fall off too many blocks fairly quickly, but doesn’t have many other weaknesses. He is very athletic for being very strong and having elite size.

Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2020

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jared Verse, Edge. Florida State

Verse is another great player in what seems to be an amazing class of edge rushers. Verse is listed at 6’4”, 260 pounds and is an absolute freak of an athlete. He looks so strong and powerful on tape, and is extremely quick for his size. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being in the top ten as the first edge defender off the board.

Cardinals, Arizona Cardinals 2020

27. Arizona Cardinals

Nate Wiggins, Cornerback. Clemson

Wiggins does a great job of playing to his strengths. Being a long corner at 6’2”, he is great in press-bail techniques (like cover 3), but seems to lack acceleration to prevent separation. He has great ball skills and would certainly benefit from putting some weight onto his 185 pound frame to add a bit more physicality to his game.

Bills, Buffalo Bills 2020

28. Buffalo Bills

Brian Thomas Jr, Wide Receiver. LSU

Bills have lacked production from their receivers this season and Brian Thomas has been hyperproductive as the second receiving option. As defenses were accounting for Malik Nabers (rightfully so) Thomas was fantastic with over 1100 yards and 17 touchdowns. He is raw, having only one year as a real contributor, but possesses all the traits you need from a true WR1.

Lions, Detroit Lions 2020

29. Detroit Lions

Leonard Taylor III, Defensive Line. Miami

Taylor is a bit larger than Jer’Zhan Newton, but almost as quick. He could be a great rotational linemen early in his career, and hopefully more than that with refinement. He lacks hand fighting technique if anything, but is pretty good in every other aspect.

Baltimore Ravens

30. Baltimore Ravens

JT Tuimoloau, Edge. Ohio State

Tuimoloau is a better run defender compared to most other edge rushers in the draft. He is a decent pass rusher, but needs to develop more polish on his moves in order to become more effective. At 6’4” 270 pounds, he has the frame to develop into a great player at the position as well.

Chiefs, Kansas City Chiefs 2020

31. Kansas City Chiefs

Troy Franklin, Wide Receiver. Oregon

After watching the Chiefs this season, they just need a receiver, not much else to it. Franklin was hyperproductive at Oregon this season and is an absolutely fantastic playmaker with the ball in his hands. He is blazing fast, which will pair well with Mahomes as we’ve seen what he can do with a speedy receiver.

49ers, San Francisco 49ers 2020

32. San Francisco 49ers

Kamari Lassiter, Cornerback. Georgia

Lassiter is a solid corner and has the ability to match receivers step for step throughout the route. He needs to develop ball skills as he seemingly loses at the catch point due to losing a step looking back for the ball.

Lucas Coronado

NFL Analyst

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