New York Jets: Can Gase and DOuglas get darnold help

To start my overview I would like to give you an excerpt from my preview of the New York Jets 2019 season;

“The season will be defined for me on how Gase and Darnold mesh. We know Gase was great with the Broncos, but he had a HoF QB with him. After the failure in Miami he needs to rebuild his reputation as a QB whisperer, and that starts right away. The defense has a chance to be good, but I am concerned that the offense won’t keep up.”

I would now like to give you some stats relating to the Jets offense as per Football Outsiders:

Yards per drive: 32nd

Points per drive: 32nd

Touchdowns per drive: 32nd

Drive success rate: 32nd

What I will say is that I believe they are 32nd as there are only 32 teams, if there were more teams they would be lower. I know the team won six out of the last eight to finish 7-9 but I am pretty sure Jets fans were not happy with the season, especially how their coach dealt with their young franchise QB.

General Manager: Joe Douglas

Head Coach: Adam Gase

I will be honest at this point, I was never convinced by Adam Gase in Miami, so I thought it was a poor appointment in New York. Season one, given the stats above, given the performance of Darnold, and also the performance of former Gase QB’s in other locations I believe Gase is very lucky to still have a job. The team will need to perform much better in 2020 if he wants to keep this job.

This offseason is a big one for Joe Douglas. He came in after the Draft and free agency last season so this will be the first time where he gets to stamp his personality and ideas on the team. At present I think everyone is unsure on whether Douglas has carte blanche or if decisions go through Gase. If it is the latter it maybe a difficult time for Douglas to get want he wants.

Cap Space $62,1 million

Right now the Jets have the 10th most Cap space in the league, but they are in a position to increase this dramatically with some big moves. Le’Veon Bell is the main move, as Bell carries a $15.5 million cap hit in 2020, but would only cost the Jets $6 million in dead money (thanks to his relatively small signing bonus) if Douglas traded him. The question on that is who trades for an ageing back coming off a season where his longest run was 19 yards.

Expect the Jets to dump the disaster that has been Trumaine Johnson and although it means eating $12m it frees up $3m this year and then $15m from 2021. The other defensive name is Avery Williamson. The Jets starting Linebacker would free up another $6.5m if he is cut this offseason.

Given the needs on offense I expect these cuts to take place to help the Jets build talent on that side of the ball.

Impending Free Agents

The main name on the free agent list is Robby Anderson. The Jets aren’t going to get any better on offense in 2020 if they don’t have weapons. Anderson isn’t quite a true No. 1 wideout, but he possesses a skill set that can help Sam Darnold take the next step next season. Obviously the contract has to be right on both sides for Anderson to stay and the $13-$15m he is looking for maybe a little rich for the Jets given the large number of needs they have.

The Jets also have their best corner Brian Poole on the free agency list. Last season they got him on the cheap, and I am sure this season he will want his value which will mean the Jets will have to go to their pockets but given his success I am sure they will.

Team Needs

Major Need: Wide Receiver

Given the struggles of Sam Darnold and the possibility of Robby Anderson leaving the Jets, wide receiver has to be a major need in 2020. There are some interesting names on the free agent list at present, and given the Jets cap situation they could be in play for a number of them. If the draft falls right a talented wide receiver may also be available here, although given the team needs of the teams above them they shouldn’t rely on being able to get Jerry Jeudy or CeeDee Lamb at 11.

Major Need: Offensive Line

The Jets line was pretty awful all year. It seemed like the pieces didn’t fit the scheme, which when combined with the injury situation meant the Jets gave up the 4th most sacks and ranked 31st in rushing offense. Joe Douglas has always highlighted that the offensive and defensive lines were going to be his priority, and I expect them to look at interior line help in Free Agency giving them the opportunity to draft a tackle in April.

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