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2019 season preview

2018 Season

So, shocklingly last season, the Patriots won the Super Bowl, AGAIN. This may sound familiar but throughout the season the Pats were in fact questioned. Despite the Miami Miracle, they easily won the AFC East. Before putting on coaching and QB clinics over the trendy high octane offenses throughout the playoffs to land another Lombardi.

Off Season

One of my favourite off-season activities is reading ‘think’ pieces discussing how this is the year the Patriots demise will begin. I think this year is the tenth consecutive year I have read it. Although in fairness, the journalists usually alternate who gets to write it.
This season’s think piece trigger was undoubtedly the retirement of Gronk, an all-world player who has been a major driving force for the Pats over the past few years.

It is still to be seen who will take over Gronk’s output (average of 7 TDs 1000 yards per season) but it would be naive to suggest that no-one could. As long as Brady and Bill are still in New England I am pretty sure the off-season will look rosy.

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In the past Brady’s numbers have consistently decreased without Gronk in the line-up.

While losing your number one receiving option is clearly a major obstacle. If I were to bet on one team who could replace Gronk’s output, it would be the Pats. I still expect 900 yards and 7 Touchdowns from their Tight Ends, with 1st round receiver N’Keal Harry primed to pick up any slack in the Red Zone.

The run game was a major factor last year, expect that to continue with the addition of another early round rookie. As always, while every other team zigged, the Pats zagged with the run game. When you then factor in outstanding O-Line play and the best QB to ever do it, I expect the Pats to be a top 5 offense this season.


After their majestic defensive performance in the Super Bowl the team saw Defensive Coordinator Brian Flores defect to the Dolphins. 

The price of success, the Pats lose Coordinators all the time, but as long as Belichick is there, the defensive scheme will be sound. Whilst 14th in plays, and 12th in Yards allowed last year was less than ideal. Ranking 26th in points conceded shows where Belichick’s focus on defense lies.

The loss of multi faceted pass rusher Trey Flowers cannot be understated but the addition of Chase “The Hair” Winovich seems a steal in the 3rd round. Of course the Patriots draft players with Win in their name. 

At least twice this season expect the Pats to use their weeks preparation to the max against an offensive juggernaut and completely neutralise them above all expectation.

the verdict

Only a very stupid person would bet against the Pats being in serious contention come January. A schedule with 8-10 games against rookie or 2nd year Quarterbacks should translate to a lot of wins. The expectation has to be yet another first round bye for the Patriots.

Wonder if Mr Kraft will have time to see the Floridian sights when he’s in town come February.


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