Who is the Touchdown's 2019 MVP?

The race for MVP in 2018 went the way of Patrick Mahomes after he outlasted Drew Brees down the stretch. With Mahomes and Brees both missing time in 2019 the award was always heading somewhere else. By mid-season three or four names were starting to emerge, but, much like last year, the names have whittled down and left one clear contender standing. Let’s take a look at who three of our writers are giving the award to this season.

Paul Mainwaring: Lamar Jackson

I think Lamar is the MVP if you didn’t take into account what happened last season, however, when you add that in he is hands down the vote. After the playoff loss to the Chargers last season, many commentators were questioning whether Lamar even had the skill set to play QB in the NFL, I think this year he has shut them up. 36 TDs and only 6 INTs with a 66% completion is very good but when you add in 1206 rushing yards, breaking the NFL record and leading his team to the number 1 seed in the AFC, you have to say it is a season for the ages. For people of my age who remember Michael Vick, Lamar Jackson has played the season everyone wanted Vick to have but never did.

Simon Carroll: Lamar Jackson

“He’s too small” they said. “His game will never translate to the NFL” they said. And now it’s highly likely that Lamar Jackson has destroyed your team’s defense en route to a record-breaking season. Let’s not forget he only had half a season under his belt before 2019, which ended with The Chargers claiming they’d figured him out. Think again – the coaching staff were all in and Jackson has put this Ravens team on his back. An eleven-game winning streak & counting, do not be surprised if they go all the way. This has been every bit as impressive as Patrick Mahomes’ 2018.

Ben Rolfe: Ryan Tannehill


Before you throw your arms up in disgust, Jackson is going to be the MVP and you will hear no complaints from me about it. However, an article where three writers pick Jackson is frankly pretty boring, so allow me to present an alternative.

The MVP should arguably be the biggest reason for your teams success, and you could argue Tannehill has done that more than Jackson has. The Ravens were a playoff team last year having won the AFC North. They also have the third best defense is points allowed, and the fifth best when it comes to DVOA. If you remove Jackson from that team and replace him with an average player, my belief is that they probably still make the playoffs. Can you say the same for Tannehill?

When Tannehill took over the starting role the Titans were 2-4,  with the teams having lost their last two games while scoring just seven points in total. Since then, the Titans are 6-3, and they are in a playoff hunt they had no right to be in. Tannehill is the person who changed that. Since the change of QB the Titans have never scored less than 20 points. Yes they turn the ball over more with Tannehill, but they are also more potent on offense than they ever looked under Marcus Mariota. 

Jackson will rightly win the MVP award this season, and to some extent this comparison is unfair because we cannot truly say how this team would have looked without Jackson. All I am saying is that Ryan Tannehill absolutely deserves to be considered. Arguably no player has changed the fortunes of their team more, and to me that is what makes a player the MVP.

Image credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY, Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports