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2019 season preview

2018 Season

Whilst the record wasn’t terrible it certainly felt like the wheels came off last season for the Dolphins. The front office clearly agreed as they finally gave up on the Tannehill and Gase project.

A significant rethink was needed given the strength of the Pats and the optimism surrounding the division’s other franchise QBs.

Off Season

After a 7-9 season, and a mediocre 23-25 over the past 3 years. The Dolphins parted ways with Adam Gase and stole the Patriots Defensive Coordinator Brian Flores to lead a new regime in Miami. 

Although the offseason move to obtain Josh Rosen appears splashy. It seems to have been an opportune afterthought in their offseason plan. While I wouldn’t say tanking, it may be accurate to state they are not all in by any means. At present the Dolphins have over $100m in Cap Space and 12 draft picks in 2020. Determining whether Rosen is a long term fit with a medicore at best offensive cast for his audition will be the story this season. Watch for the Dolphins to make a splash next March.


With the Tannehill experiment consigned to the scrap heap. The Dolphins now begin the year with a QB battle between Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick. I am sure new OC Chad O’Shea will hope Rosen wins and lives up to his first round billing. Fitzpatrick is a more than capable backup however if things go south. Chad O’Shea is seen as an OC who will be much more flexible with scheme and play calling than Gase ever was. It is still to be seen if the Dolphins skill players have the talent to make the most of this opportunity. Players like Tunsil and Gesicki can be fundamental over the forseeable for Rosen if they make good on their potential.


After giving up nearly 400 yards and 27 points a game, it was no surprise that the Dolphins went defense with their Head Coach. They needed to focus here and we should expect them to improve considerably. The team has picked highly touted defensive players with their last two first rounders. Wilkins and Fitzpatrick need to become anchors of the defense and have the pedigree to do so. The Dolphins will be hoping Flores brought some of that Pats week to week adjustment magic to significantly improve this defense in 2019.

the verdict

No team wants to lose, but with all their picks in 2020, it would not be the worst thing for the Dolphins. If the team pick in the top 5 come April, my Dad won’t be happy and Rosen won’t be happy. The front office however may already be learning to pronounce Tua’s last name. Herbert is much simpler Mr Grier.

Record Prediction: 4-12

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