Mainz's Musing Week 2: Overreaction week

Wasn’t it great to be back? Lots of games lot of touchdowns and a let down by the Cowboys, what more could a fan want. It’s overreaction week between Week 1 and Week 2 but I think I have this covered and know which ones to believe and which ones to ignore

1. How bad was Nick Foles in Camp?

Week 2 musings

I know people saw the comeback, and the 4th Quarter throws, but if you saw the first three quarters of the Bears games it was the same old same old from Trubisky. While watching this game earlier in the week I only had one question, how bad was Nick Foles in Camp? When the Bears traded a fourth round pick for Foles I just assumed he was guaranteed to start, so when Nagy announced Trubisky I thought he had improved. After watching last Sunday’s game my assumption is that Nick Foles can only play well in an Eagles uniform and given how Wentz played……..

2. I love you Phil but its time to let go

I will be honest here as I am amongst friends, I have always loved Phil Rivers. I know his playoff record has been spotty but I have always found excuses for him. One of those excuses was that he played for the Chargers and THAT was the reason he was always in close games and having to drive late in the 4th quarter to save them. So to say I was disappointed to see Rivers throw 2 stupid INTs on Sunday, one while driving to save the game in the 4th Quarter broke my heart. Add to this that the Chargers won a close game and it is clear to see it wasn’t the Chargers it was Phil. So Phil I know this makes me seem shallow but its time to break off this relationship I would like to say it is not because of something you did, but I would be lying. 

3. Adam Gase... You should be fired

Week 2 Musings

12 minutes and 28 seconds and the Jets season looked in total disarray. In this seasons AFC previews I picked the Jets to go 5-11 and after watching last week I picked them to win far too many games. Adam Gase is a terrible coach and he is going to have destroyed the Jets young QB Sam Darnold unless something drastic is done. Joe Douglas, if you are listening fire the coach and try and save the franchise, otherwise you will have to start again with Trevor Lawrence. Actually that doesn’t sound too bad…..

Thought 4 Pete Carrol the gunslinger coach lasts exactly one week

Let Russ cook was a big thing during the offseason and on Sunday, Wilson was spectacular (31/35 332yards 4TDs 0INTs). A lot of commentators now believe this is a season where this is going to continue. I have some bad news for everyone Russ cooking will last one week! This week the Birds face the Patriots on Sunday Night Football and I expect it to be an absolute run fest, I will even go so far as to say it could be the shortest SNF broadcast of the past few seasons. Pete gave us a glimpse of what we asked for but he doesn’t want us to have too much fun so hand offs galore will be back this week.

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