Mainz's Musing Week 4: A showdown in Arrowhead

It has been a tough week for numerous teams in the NFL this week most notably the Tennessesse Titans and I wish everyone good health within that organisation. However, the NFL wanted the show goes on and Week 4 has got me thinking…

Chiefs v Patriots is essential viewing this week

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The best team vs. the best coach, Tony Romo on commentary, No real games to challenge it. Switch off RedZone and make sure your eyes are fully glued to Chiefs vs. Patriots this week. The Chiefs were fantastic against the Ravens on Monday night, they knew it was a statement game and boy did they make a statement. They are now in the drivers seat for the bye in the AFC and if they get that they are going to be seriously hard to stop.

However, if I was going to pick a team/coach to halt the Chiefs juggernaut it would by Belichick and the Patriots. The Patriots seem to be the only team in the league who can totally change game plans on a week to week basis and I expect something special for the Chiefs. Lots of ball control on offense and lots of confusion on defense. If you love the NFL this is a must watch and I for one cannot wait.

The Cardinals are a work in progress, don't forget that

I think a lot of people in Survivor leagues across the world were eliminated last week when the Cardinals lost to the Lions. With the Cardinals at 2-0 and given how the Lions had played it was a logical decision to make. The issue with early hype teams with young QBs is that they aren’t the finished article and they will lose games you do not expect them to lose. I believe that the Cardinals are on the right track long term but I do not see them as a challenger this season and I expect many more bumps like last Sunday. So be careful picking the Cardinals this season as it won’t always turn out like you planned.

Josh Allen is in the MVP race

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I think in the past couple of years we have all had a laugh at Josh Allen’s expense but boy is he the one laughing now. He has a 71% completion percentage and a 10 to 1 TD to INT ratio, but more importantly than that in an MVP race, every time he has the ball in his hands it looks like he can make a positive play. Do I really believe that Josh Allen can win the MVP? No I do not, but I do believe that by the end of the season we may owe Allen an apology and that he could be a franchise QB for years to come.

America's Primetime games are far from Prime

CBS, NBC, Fox and ESPN are paying $40 billion to show the NFL and NBC and ESPN get to have Primetime games on Sunday and Monday night (US Time). This week that money has got them: 49ers v Eagles & Packers v Falcons….

By Week 4 there are a number of predictions that we have got wrong, but is it as bad as the predictions that these games would be competitive or watchable. The Packers are rolling and the 49ers are winning even with the injuries, but the Eagles and Falcons are dumpster fires right now and I am not sure they are fixable. I am sorry America but I wont’ be staying up late for these ones and will wait for Gamepass’ Game in 40 the next day to watch what I believe will be two blowouts.

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