Mainz's Musing Week 3: Where will this wild ride go next?

What a wild Week! Every week I think I can’t be shocked by the NFL, and every week I am proved wrong. My brain has been working overtime but I have managed to consolidate my thoughts into what I believe are the important points.

Will we see Jameis Winston play games this season

Saints, New Orleans Saints

Quarterbacks cannot play forever. This is just a fact of life and although QB’s are playing deep into their 30’s and even 40s, at some point their body will give up and not allow them to play. Given the play of Drew Brees in the playoffs last season and the first two weeks of this season, I think we are at the beginning point of this for him. You could look at Brees’ stat line on Monday night and think he played ok but the eye test would tell you a very different story. At present it seems like Bree can’t throw more than 15 yards and when defenses know this the issues the Saints had Monday will exacerbate. 

Do I actually expect to see Winston play this season? No, not really as Brees is the franchise in New Orleans. However, right now I do think that Winston could be a sensible option and that is a scary thought.

The NFC East has some massive decisions to make at QB

The NFC East has three first round QB’s, and a QB playing on the Franchise tag. Right now I am not sure if any of these players will be starting for their teams in 2021. I think Washington and New York could have top five picks, and with the chance of getting Lawrence or Fields, I wonder if Jones and Haskins are safe given their average (at best) play. 

In Philadelphia the fans are getting restless and Wentz is getting the brunt of the criticism. 18 months ago if someone would have said Wentz was not in Philadelphia for the next decade people would have laughed, but right now he is struggling and questions are being asked. The one QB playing well in the division is Dak Prescott but the question will be whether the Cowboys can afford him given their salary cap situation and what may happen to the cap given Covid. The NFC East may look very different very soon.

What does someone have to do to get fired in Atlanta!

I have been watching the NFL for about 20 years now and I am pretty sure the Onside Kick in the Cowboys Falcons game was up there as one of the most shocking plays I have ever seen. I have still not heard a reasonable excuse as to why a Falcons player does not break the line and pick up the ball, thus ending the game. I know it has been said by thousands of talking heads but the Falcons still haven’t got over 28-3. I thought Quinn should have been fired at the end of last season, but after Sunday I think his time is short. This team should have a Super Bowl, but they don’t and it will haunt Quinn and the players forever.

Has Sean McVay found his Mojo again?

Warren Sharp called it an almost perfect play calling performance. I am not sure about that, but the Rams and especially McVay seemed to have their Mojo back last Sunday. The Rams offense was exceptional against the Eagles last week and after beating the Cowboys in Week 1 people are much more interested in the Rams. After a wonderful couple of years, 2019 was a real disappointment for the Rams and the backlash against McVay was strong. There is a long way to go in the season and I am still not convinced by Goff but if McVay keeps defenses on their toes like last week the Rams could be back in the Super Bowl hunt again.

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