DraftKings Showdown Super Bowl: Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Kansas City Chiefs

So this is it, Super Bowl week on DraftKings and we have a tasty Showdown slate of NFL DFS action to round out the season. DraftKings have laid on some huge contests, as you’d expect, which would usually put the individual player at a disadvantage. However, this will be the first time a lot of people play showdown so, hopefully, you can take advantage of that. Winning in large-field tournaments with a unique lineup will be almost impossible but there are routes you can go which will improve your chances of splitting with less people.

I’m going to cover creating a cash game lineup and options for your GPP lineups. Read our Week 1 article to learn more about the different strategies for these two contests.

These are my personal opinions on the games and strategies at the time of writing this. I may employ different players and strategies if later or further information makes me reevaluate my opinions.

Super Bowl Cash Game Options

Credit: Mark J. Rebilas (USA Today Sports)

As regular readers know, I’ve been very successful this year by playing 2 quarterbacks, 2 running backs and 2 kickers in cash games. The idea being that you are trying to capture all the scoring plays. However, with this matchup we can’t be 100% certain about any back getting a bellcow workload.

Leonard Fournette ($7.8k, Captain – $11.7k) appears to have the best chance. Ronald Jones ($2.2k, Captain – $3.3k) averaged over 11 carries per game in the playoffs so he will vulture opportunities. However, Playoff Lenny has been the redzone guy.

For Kansas City, the situation is a bit more confusing. Clyde Edwards-Helaire ($7k, Captain – $10.5k) returned from injury in the Championship round but only garnered 6 carries and 2 targets. Whereas Darrel Williams ($5.2k, Captain – $7.8k) had 13 carries and 1 target.

This all comes down to who you want to play as your Captain. If you want to play Patrick Mahomes ($12k, Captain – $18k) then you will have to play Darrel Williams. If you are happy to play Tom Brady ($10k, Captain – $15k) as Captain, then you can afford to play CEH or Williams.

I will be playing head-to-heads rather than double-ups for this game. As I said earlier, there will be lots of people playing Showdown for the first time this season so I’m hoping these matchups will be softer than normal.

Super Bowl GPP Options

Credit: Will Vragovic (Getty Images)

Due to the high variance of Showdown slates, I recommend playing as many lineups as you can with different Captains. For example, if you play $5 normally, I’d play 20 lineups of the Quarter Jukebox. If you play $60, 20 lineups of the $3 Play Action etc.

Regarding the Captain spot, it’s obvious who the usual suspects are, but sprinkle in a few lower priced players. It allows you build a better lineup with your flex spots and if that Captain hits, you have a head start over the field.

We’ve been picking these players all year so there’s no real surprises. It’s possible Antonio Brown ($6.2k, Captain – $9.3k) will be back but I’m not sure how effective he’ll be. I prefer Tyreek Hill ($10.4k, Captain – $15.6k) and Travis Kelce ($11k, Captain – $16.5k) over Mike Evans ($8.4k, Captain – $12.6k) and Chris Godwin ($8.8k, Captain – $13.2k). The Chiefs targets are concentrated on those two whereas the Bucs have lots of weapons and the ball is spread around more. However, you do pay a premium for those guys.

All the other receivers on each side are dart throws and most will not hit value. If you’re playing multiple lineups, sprinkle them evenly.

Ways To Differentiate

I’ve been saying all season that playing a punt returner and their corresponding defense is a great way to differentiate yourself from the field. Why? Because if they score a touchdown, you score 12 points (6 from the returner and 6 from the defense).

Mercole Hardman ($5.6k, Capt – $8.2k) and the Chiefs defense ($2.6k, Capt – $3.9k) will be a fairly common stack as Hardman is a viable option on his own. But Jaydon Mickens at only $200 and the Bucs defense ($2.8k, Capt – $4.2k) allows you to pay up for anyone else you want.

There’s been 8 punts return TDs this season so it’s not likely to happen but if it does, you will be in a great position.

Punty McPuntface Punt Play of the Day

Credit: John Sleezer (Kansas City Star)

Anthony Sherman is only $400. He has one touchdown this year and the fullback goal line carry has the feel of a Superbowl highlight play doesn’t it?

Mark Ferguson

DFS Analyst