Buy Sell Hold - Week 7

By 5 Yard Rush

Week 7 kicked off with an injury to Patrick Mahomes and the worst second half of football we are likely to see this season. I really hope your fantasy team is in better shape than either Patrick Mahomes right now, or the Broncos season. If you are on course to get your 3rd win or already have 3,4,5 or 6 wins so far this season, then this Buy Sell Hold column is for you. 

We are here to help you get the most out of team. This week we focus on six players and what you should do with them. Whether that is Buy Sell Hold. However, if you have any other players you want advice on, you can contact us on twitter @TheTouchdownNFL or @5yardrush or contact us through the site through the comments or email.


DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins has been in this column before. And since then, nothing has changed. Hopkins has had slightly more success in terms of getting fantasy points. However, he has not been a WR1 since week 1 and last week was outperformed by Allen Lazard. 

However, Hopkins is still commanding a 28.1% target share and he has only seen 1 target inside the 10 yard line so far this season. Last season he saw 15 targets inside the 10, leading the league in this stat. Hopkins will get in the end zone soon and the buy low window is going to end soon. In this Buy Sell Hold, BUY BUY BUY!

Carson Wentz

If you lost Patrick Mahomes last night, you might be thinking of options to potentially trade for. You might just stream the position, or find someone like Josh Allen. However, if you want a slightly more elite option, that you can buy low, Wentz is your guy. Wentz has been without DeSean Jackson, who is close to return. He is integral to the offense and to Wentz from an NFL perspective and a Fantasy perspective.

According to Wentz is projected to finish QB7 this year. With the injury to Mahomes, he could go to 6th. Due to their terrible defense, the Eagles are going to be in a shootout every week. Therefore, if you can buy Wentz now, for a low end WR2 or RB2, and you just lost Mahomes, then make your move.


Stefon Diggs

In terms of being successful in Fantasy Football trading, you need to buy players low, and sell them high. However, you will rarely get an instance like you got to this weekend with Stefon Diggs. Diggs went for 185 scrimmage yards and 3 Touchdowns. These 185 yards made up 43% of Diggs season production. Also, his 3 TDs took his season total from 1 to 4 for the season. 

Mike Zimmer has made it abundantly clear that he wants the Vikings to run the ball more. He sacked his Offensive Coordinator last year, John DiFilippo, for not running the ball enough. Therefore Diggs’ Sunday production is not something you will probably see again this season. Not all is well between Diggs and the Vikings Front Office either. So just do yourself a favour and use his name to trade for D.J. Chark, Courtland Sutton, Tyler Boyd or even DeAndre Hopkins.

Greg Olsen

Olsen’s numbers look good this season. Especially for a position such as Tight End which is a right mess at the moment. Olsen has 22 Receptions, 278 yards and 2 Touchdowns. However, if you take out the 3 games against the leagues two worst teams against Tight Ends (Tampa Bay and Arizona), his numbers in the other 3 games are 6 catches for 41 yards and no TDs. Sell Olsen now and get a piece you can use in your team.


Odell Beckham Jr.

OBJ has not really done the business this year. In Fantasy Football, he was being drafted in the late first round, but more than likely, in the second round of fantasy drafts. However, he has not produced WR1 numbers this year. 

In addition to the lack of Offensive Line issues, OBJ and Baker didn’t play any snaps together in Pre-Season. This showed significantly in the early part of the season. However, he is coming off a 6 reception for 101 yard game. And whilst their next few games are tough, for the Fantasy Football playoffs they are playing the Bengals, Cardinals and the Ravens, with the Bengals in Week Seventeen for those who play that week in their playoffs. Hold OBJ.

Julio Jones

Julio Jones is still arguably the  number 1 Wide Receiver in football. However, whilst his average targets per game have dropped from 10.6 to 8.6 targets per game, he has maintained his pace for targets in the Redzone, and has actually increased his efficiency in the Redzone. He had 5 TDs from 17 targets and 10 Receptions in 2018. Whilst so far in 2019 he has 3TDs from 5 targets and 4 Receptions. 

Everybody know’s the talent he has and Matt Ryan is putting together another very good year, despite the teams 1-5 record. However, Jones will get more targets soon and will continue his red zone efficiency. Hold Jones, as for all the top 5 drafted Wide Receivers in fantasy drafts, he is the player who is by far the closest to his production value for where he was drafted. He will see more targets, and will get your more Touchdowns.

That’s it for this week. Check out for more Fantasy Football content. But until more Buy Sell Hold action next week, Keep Rushing.


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